What is "Inspired"? 

Inspired is a 30 Day Guided Journey to help you unlock the inspiration that's already inside of you. Oh and it's written by yours truly, Jill and Kate! It's a 50 page eBook, super easy to download to your mobile device or print out if you like hard copies, but think of it as more than just a book. Think of it as us sitting with you at the beginning of each day sharing stories, struggles, triumphs and lessons we've learned while we've been deep in the trenches of feeling uninspired and hopeless and how we got through it. If you are feeling at the bottom of the trench, you are not alone in the inspiration rut, you CAN get out of it, and we can help. We both have spent plenty of time in major RUTS, wondering if and when inspiration will ever come back. We wrote the book because people ask us 1) for daily blogs and 2) Where do you find your inspiration? In this eBook, we guide you through 30 days of daily readings, exercises, and challenges to help you find your way out of the rut and back to revived. We share with you EVERYTHING we've learned about inspiration in our 13 years creating art together. These are things that have worked for us time and time again and we want to share them with you as you journey out of that rut you keep finding yourself stuck in.

Who is "Inspired" for?

You! Your mom. Your brother. Sister. Neighbor. BFF. Roommate. Honestly, anyone can and everyone should take this journey. You can be a creative person or not. Young or old. Living the dream or in a rut. Anyone who wants a little extra push to:

  • start that side business you've been dreaming about

  • get in better shape

  • start a blog

  • move to a new city

  • make a healthier life-style change

  • be more present in relationships

  • step out of the mundane

  • become a songwriter

  • feel inspired in this great, big, incredible world we live in.

If you have ever felt stuck in a rut, this 30 day guide is just for you.


It's only available for a limited time (until 11/1/16), so grab it quickly! Click here, place your order, and it will be emailed to you immediately. Download the PDF and open it in iBooks or a similar app. You can also print it out if you prefer to do that. 

Can I see what the days will look like? 

Yes! Here's a BONUS day we'll give you for FREE so you can see what a day in the guide will look like. Every day will be a little different, but this gives you a great idea of what to expect.

What will the cover & inside look like? 

We're glad you asked! Take a look at the cover and sneak peak at the inside of the pages below!