A podcast about what to do when life doesn’t go the way you planned.

Do you feel stuck? Did you think you would be somewhere else in life by now? Join singer-songwriter duo Jill and Kate, as they sell their belongings, hit the road, try to re-ignite creativity, and get fun back in their lives. They're taking a journey and they're taking you with them...discussing what to do when life doesn't go the way you planned. They aren't afraid to talk openly about failure, fears. and how to get fun back in your life--they'll even be interviewing "fun-spiration" guests. This podcast will hopefully make you laugh, cry, and inspire you to get unstuck too.

EPISODE 1: Walkabout

EPISODE 2: People are People

EPISODE 3: Ben Higgins: Life, Coffee, & Laughs

EPISODE 4: LA & The Fear Monsters

EPISODE 5: Ally Fallon: A Conversation Over Wine & Cheese

EPISODE 6: All About Jill

EPISODE 7: All About Kate

EPISODE 8: Birthdays, Beaches, and Paper Straws

EPISODE 9: Oh Hey, 2018

EPISODE 10: Lisa Whelchel: Journeys, Adventures, and Open Ended Tickets

EPISODE 11: TEDx, Mario Lopez, and The Super Bowl

EPISODE 12: Body Image, Getting Fired, and Gratitude

EPISODE 13: The Dating Diaries

EPISODE 14: Songwriting, Snowy Owls, & Same Side

EPISODE 15: Whitney English: Mindset, Donuts, and Celebrity Pedicures

EPISODE 16: Phobias, Fantasies, and Fashion

EPISODE 17: If You Can't Change a Tire, You Can Change Your Attitude

EPISODE 18: Crazy Travel Stories

EPISODE 19: Your Dating Questions Answered (with a little help)

EPISODE 20: Gambling and Taking Breaks

EPISODE 21: Middle Seats and New York Parties

EPISODE 22: Hair Care, Loofahs, and Full Circle Moments

EPISODE 23: Lauren Graham: Why Can't We All Just Enjoy Ourselves More

EPISODE 24: Royals, Grads, and a Challenge

EPISODE 25: Trust Your Gut (Special Video Edition on YouTube: Click here to watch!)

EPISODE 26: The One About F-R-I-E-N-D-S

EPISODE 27: Rosé All Day, Say Hey

EPISODE 28: Can 4 Words Change Your Life?

EPISODE 29: This Is How We Do It

EPISODE 30: Charles Esten: Enjoy The Drama Of Your Own Story

EPISODE 31: Things Will Change. Bank On It.

EPISODE 32: Drink Coupons, Ice Cream, and Paying It Forward

EPISODE 33: Save The Whales, Eat Homemade Bagels, and Don't Forget To Rest

EPISODE 34: Digging Out Of The Breakdown

EPISODE 35: These Are A Few Of Our Favorite Things

EPISODE 36: Miles Adcox: A Conversation About Empathy, Vulnerability, and Why How You Show Up Matters

EPISODE 37: Hunter Hayes: The Same Thing That Scares Me Is What Drives Me

EPISODE 38: Ginna Claire & Mary Kate: The Most Wickedly Awesome Episode Ever

EPISODE 39: Blame It On The Altitude

EPISODE 40: Five Ways To Change Your Life Right Now

EPISODE 41: Jann Arden: It’s Hard Being A Person

EPISODE 42: Carolyn Snell & Chris Brunton: Don’t Should On Yourself

EPISODE 43: Adventures In Iceland

EPISODE 44: Asking The Question, “Where Do I Belong?”