You Oughta Know Series: Weiss Eubanks

Our next person to feature is our friend...a Texan native...ladies and gentlemen....drum roll please....

Mr. Weiss Eubanks.

We first met Weiss through his brother Aben (Aben plays guitar for Aben is a part of our fabulous road family that we get to travel with!) Weiss is a jack of all trades...he has a stellar screen printing business &  is a bad-ass photographer/videographer. We've known Weiss for a while (he actually printed our j&k t-shirts) but we recently got to spend some quality time with him in South Africa during our trip there earlier this month. He met us over there and was able to capture some amazing photo/video of one of the Houses of Hope we visited. He has the best attitude of anyone around-- a great personality to have in a group of people--and he's funny. He'll make you laugh and hearing him laugh will make you laugh even more. We are bummed that his wife Genie couldn't be with us--she's super cool too. Love them both! needs to go check out his blog:

Bookmark it people. He has posted some photos from the trip & we know you're gonna love them. His way of capturing people and emotion speaks volumes. Also, check out some of his awesome wedding videos...that one is our favorite ;) Super cool, super fun.

Okay....until the next YOKS post. We'll keep keeping you in the know of cool people we know or want to know. For those of you reading this confused about what the YOKS (You Oughta Know Series) is here to read our first edition.