Wine (31 Days - Day #28)

The holidays are a great opportunity to try some new wines. Here are a few new ones we hadn't tried before. (Ps. These are non-fancy reviews of wine. We know nothing about the proper "educated" terms…just clarifying before we got started.)

IMG_4366Come on, red velvet wine…made by Cupcake? Can you say…WINNER! It's not too heavy or sweet…tasted kind of like a merlot. And how festive is that label? Perfect for a holiday table. Next year guys. Next year.

IMG_4506Oooooh…loved this Chardonnay. It's not very sweet. It's like it says on the bottle…crisp & clean. So delicious. Made by Kendall-Jackson.. which we love their Reisling but hadn't tried this one.

IMG_4525In the airport I (Kate) found this wine bar & tried a taste of 3 different white wines. They serve them with the description of each underneath. I liked the first 2 but the last one wasn't my favorite (even though the description was something along the lines of buttercream.)

IMG_4521This was my favorite from the tasting…it's from New Zealand. Woot woot. I loved the passion fruit and citrus flavors…never tasted anything like it before. LOVED it. I got a full glass of it after the tasting was finished. What? Don't judge. I had a LOT of time to kill in the airport. Plus, I was reading. Reading a book + a glass of wine... might = perfection :)

Do you have a favorite new wine you've discovered recently? Sharing is caring.