Why Did We Not Invent the HoodiePillow FIRST? (31 Days-Day #3)

So, if you know us at all, you know we are on a plane pretty much ALL the time. Tour life. You learn how to travel like a champ. You learn the tricks...what works, what doesn't. Two things that are very important to have on a plane ride...especially a loooong one...are:

1) A Neck Pillow (for general head/neck comfort){preferably one that snaps onto your purse or backpack}


2) A hoodie. (So you can strategically pull the hood over your eyes like so:)


Like I said, we're kind of frequent travelers...so this technique is KEY. I even had the double hoodie on in the above picture. #Professional

So, some GENIUS invented this incredible 'HoodiePillow" which is pretty much like inventing peanut butter and jelly. We are so jealous of whoever invented this before WE did...and also...we NEED these. I mean, COME ON!! It's brilliant.



How comfy does she look?

Happy traveling! (And you know what to get us for Christmas!) ;)