What to do that's new?

Hi again... Kate here. I told you guys about my recent ventures to do 30 new things in 30 days leading up to my 30th birthday. It's been so much fun. Some days I get a little stressed cause I don't plan them out...I just try to let the day unfold and see what happens. So, let me give you an update on some of the new things I've done:

(in no particular order...)

Day #10: I bought a power ball ticket.

Nope, never have done that before. And yes, I did win 600 million dollars. Just kidding. But, I did get a little rush buying it and it was fun dreaming of the things I would do with the money. I mean, what would you do with that much money?

Day #14: This one is SUPER random...so get ready:

I made eye contact with the prime minister of Macedonia.

HA. True story. He was touring a hospital I was in & we locked eyes as he passed a waiting room I was in. It was magical. He had a bunch of secret service people in trench coats, ear pieces & non-approachable facial expressions. This nice pic google provided for me reminded me of the 1.5 second glimpse I caught of him...oh man... #dontjudgemyrandomness

Day #5: I bought a bottle of champagne & opened it.

Walked into a liquor store, found the cheapest bottle & brought it home. I always have someone else do it cause it scares me (all that pressure built up me no likey) but I was all alone in my house & made myself face the fear & I opened it. I also screamed. And then I drank it & celebrated me. I'm trying to celebrate things more. Little things. Little wins. Happiness. Health. Why not?

Day #4: I bought Starbucks for the car behind me.

I was so nervous and because I was so nervous I was pretty abrupt with the lady who was helping me in the window. Not sure why I was so nervous...but I was. I wanted to buy the coffee and get out. Haha.

Day #8: I learned how to knit.

And with that I may have committed myself to singleness forever.

Day #18: Got my eyebrows threaded.

(no that is not me...google once again provided me with a visual)

I have had bad experiences with waxing so I was super pumped to try this new method. And OMG...I LOVED it. The shape of my brows has never been better... (in my humble opinion) but...to all the people that say it doesn't hurt...YOU LIE. Look down and see if your pants are on fire because you are a LIAR. It hurt. But it only takes a few minutes..so you can definitely just suck it up.

Day #3: Fed homeless people in Downtown Nashville.

This was an incredibly interesting experience for me. Some friends of mine were going with a group that feeds the homeless once a week here in town and they invited me. I helped prepare the meal first and then we headed out. Most of the people were polite and thankful for the meal. What I took away from the experience was that most people just want to be heard. Most people just want to tell their story to someone. They want you to listen to them. I heard stories about families, loved ones, deaths, war, hunger, perseverance...one gentleman looked right in my eyes and said, "Do you wanna hear my story?" It broke my heart. Then he asked me what my story was. He, his girlfriend & I just talked. It was lovely. It reminded me that I talk far too much. What would happen if I just listened more? What if we all did? Would we all feel more loved? More understood? Hmm...food for thought.

[Just a small funny part of my evening downtown was that one of the first women I walked up to to strike up a conversation looked right up at me and said "I don't care to have a conversation with you." Haha...I was like...cool, okay. No biggie. Let's just say it wasn't the biggest confidence booster for striking up convo's after that ;)]

There you have it...I'll fill you in as I keep going...it's kinda fun. Trying new things is scary, exhilarating and you never know what you might learn & experience.

You should try something new tomorrow. You never know what could happen!

Much love...