We Hit The Road

We left Nashville last Tuesday at the crack of dawn to make our way over to the great state of Texas...we listened to an audio book called "Beach Road" by James Patterson...it made the drive go by quickly and ba-da-bing, ba-da-boom...we found ourselves in Texas.

Kate was bored in the car so she doodled on her iPhone:

We played 5 house shows, 1 bar & 1 TV station and if you're counting that's 7 & we did all of that in 5 days. So, now you understand why we were so tired :)

But, we had a blast... we met so many wonderful people. And you guys, the people in Texas are some of the sweetest people we've ever met. I mean, we knew that already having so many Texan friends, but this week reminded us of that. We received gifts, cupcakes, hugs, handwritten notes..we were blown away by every stop we made.

Part of why we love doing these house shows so much is we get to know the people that are listening to our music. We get to put a face to the twitter handle. It's fabulous. And by get to know we mean this...in Cypress our host made these unbelievably ridiculously good little party sandwiches...we gushed about how good they were and yesterday SHE EMAILED US THE RECIPE. It's the little things like this that we love...I mean...yes, love the party sandwiches but love that we have something from Cypress, TX that will stay with us...cause you best believe we are gonna be making these party sandwiches. Let's party.

In Austin, we got to meet Ryan (a devoted Spur's fan) and he has this awesome organization called "Inspiration on Wheelz" that you should definitely check out. He is a talented rapper and he even did a little rap for us!

San Antonio was another highlight probably because it was the busiest day for us. We started at 5am in hair & makeup to get ready for "Great Day San Antonio"...the Kens 5 News team was kind enough to have us on their show to promote our album :) We cannot say enough about how great everyone was on that set. You can tell they all love their jobs and it made the morning super fun. We laughed our way through the morning...Bridget and Eileen were hysterical and SO sweet.

Later that evening we played a house show during some crazy rain accompanied by crazy thunder and lightning! Then, after the house show we headed over to J&O's Cantina to play a show with Lorita Drive & Nick Gomez. J&O's is a small but lively bar in Southtown and was a great place to hang & listen to music. Note to self: Singing "Skinny Jeans" in a room full of mostly skinny-jean-wearing boys is highly not recommended ;) Nick played first and had us all tapping our feet and Lorita Drive played after us and wowed us with their catchy tunes and brother/sister harmonies. We loved it!

The next morning we headed towards our next show in Arlington and stopped in Austin for a quick lunch date with our old tour buddies Einar and Jim. We had incredible tacos (as you should when in Texas) and it was so good to catch up with those guys.

That night in Arlington, we had a blast and also had some Gigi's cupcakes. Can't complain about that! (We also found out the Texan slang for Skinny Jeans: "STRANGLERS" hahaha!)

Our final show was in Frisco with a great group of high school girls (and guy...Hey Aaron!) celebrating a 16th birthday. How fun is that?!

We can't tell you how much fun we are having meeting all you great people at your houses and getting to play our music, tell our stories, and hear your stories. It's an experience we will never forget. Here are some random pics from the road:

We are excited to come to New England in a few weeks! xoxo j&k