We have all the answers.

Actually, no we don't. We don't have all the answers. But we do have some more answers to the questions you've been asking: When you are singing your songs do you always/ever think about the person who you wrote them about while performing the certain song? -Stash

It's different for us every time we perform. There are definitely times when you are  singing a song and you go right back to the reason or person that you wrote the song. If you perform a song a lot it can evolve and take on different roles.  Example: If the original reason for writing "Song X" was because two years ago the guy you were dating was a really big douche, two years later while performing that same song you might be really angry about something totally different but still be able to relate your feelings of anger through a song that was about your douchey ex. Hope that made sense. It's different every night.

Are you planning any shows in England? -Hev

Hev...we would LOVE to play some shows in England. You folks are so kind and have been so supportive of our music--not sure when but we will play a J&K in the UK/Europe at some point. Deal? Deal.

You must have a decent amount of time on the tour bus. How do you pass the time? Are you watching seasons of LOST with Jason? What TV shows are you catching up on? I think you should watch Friday Night Lights. -Laura

We do have a lot of time on the bus. We play a LOT of games. Yahtzee, Scrabble, Strip-Poker (haha),  Sequence, Quiddler, Phase 10, Skip-Bo... we also watch movies from time to time. We have deep discussions about religion, philosophy,  and food :) We didn't watch LOST with Jason.  But we are watching 24 & The West Wing from the beginning.  That's right. Seven seasons of both shows from the beginning. All we can say about 24 is: All hail the power of Bauer :) And CJ on The West Wing is hilarious in a really dry way. Great shows. Thank you for the Friday  Night Lights recommendation. We'll check it out.

Why arent you guys coming to Adelaide when you come to Australia?- Tj

Tj. We have no idea. Sorry. We just get told where to go and when :) That's probably not a good enough answer for you but that's all we got.

Who's the funniest and craziest out of the two of u?? And how old are u guys? -Shay

Shay...very cool name btw. We are both 27. Representing the year 1982...holla! How could you pick one of us to be funnier than the other?? Couldn't do it. We are both very, very crazy and sometimes that craziness makes us funny :)

Just want to know, How can I pray for you?- Jasmine

Jasmine you are so sweet. Safety & health. Yup. Thanks for the prayers. Prayer definitely changes things :)

I was just wondering if you could post a big list of singers/bands or songs (both old and new-er) that you guys have on your iPod? -Dylan

We'll just put some highlights of regular things we listen to...here's a giant list from both of our iTunes collections:

-Tracy Chapman

-Bon Iver

-Dan Auerbach

-Alanis Morissette

-Keith Urban

-Joy Williams (and The Civil Wars)

-Over the Rhine

-Peter Gabriel

-Kings of Leon

-Patty Griffin (of course)



-Miranda Lambert

-Saving Jane

-Steve Moakler

-The Weepies


It could go on and on, but that's a good start...

Seems you girls have a diverse love of musicians (Mariah cary, Patty Griffin, to Jay-z, etc...), but lately, quite a few of your songs have all had a similar sound to them. Can we expect you girls to venture outside the comfort zone a bit on the next record? -Jackie

Actually that question is a great way to announce that our next album is going to be Latin-Fusion-R&B-Soul-Folk-Pop-Hardcore-Instrumental-Rap album. Who's excited? Haha. And I (kate) am also going to be recording all of my vocal parts while hula-hooping...how out of the comfort zone is that?? :)