We Asked. You Answered.

Well, we asked a question about merchandise on our FB page the other day. And you guys answered us and we heard you loud and clear. Thank you! We have been approached about making new merchandise and we want to make stuff that you guys actually want and like. Clearly a tote bag is not what you want. Okay, 4 of you want tote bags...not gonna lie...that's kind of what we thought would get the most hoo-raa-raa but, nope...you guys are jewelry fans. LOVE THAT. And so glad we asked.

We don't like jewelry though. HAHA. Just kidding. We love jewelry so this is very exciting for us. Case in point...look below :)

This is in my (Kate's) closet...which is such a cheap and easy way to keep jewelry organized! Plus, I'm such a visual person...I love being able to see everything or else I forget I have some of it!

So, you can be expecting to hear news in the coming weeks about brand new j&k necklaces and maybe even key-rings because lots of you asked for those. Oh and a new j&k t-shirt too. And we are starting a hoodie line...so everyone that asked about hoodies or "jumpers" as you cute international friends call them...YES. But shhhh...don't tell. It's a secret right now.


Saturday night is upon us or past for some of you. We are about to drink champagne because today is a great day. Why? Because we're breathing and healthy and so why not celebrate.

Yeah? Yeah.