We Are A Team.

What a weekend. Seriously. Our legs are sore and our bodies are tired from super early mornings but HOLY CRAP...we had such a great weekend. This past weekend we had our very first (of hopefully many) #j&k5k weekends. People flew in from all over the world...yes WORLD (Nathalie for the win)...to hang out with us in our fabulous little city that we call home. The weekend kicked off with a rockin' team dinner held at a Hibachi place.

The next morning we ran a 5k...how cute is our team?


Before the 5k we had the distinct pleasure of singing the national anthem pre-race.

We even got to meet the mayor...Hey Karl Dean.


And we're off!!! Runninggggggg.

It was so fun seeing our bright shirts in the crowd!

WOOHOO crossing the finishing line!!! (Don't be confused that it says "start" we promise it said  "finish" on our side :)

Kate with her mom & sister. It was their first 5k ever...so proud of them!

We tailgated post race & embraced the warmth of the sunshine. We ate muffins, donuts, re-fueled with coffee and chit-chatted about you know..this and that. And Ryan took lots of fun pics of us that we will post at a later time...we were kind of group-photo-happy.

Later that evening we all gathered in loft office spaces that a team of Über creative professionals transformed into the perfect sound stage for the recording of our live album Heart of Stone.

Our super talented friend Emily came out and took pictures for us. We will post some of her pics soon...they're amazing!

After looking back and thinking about the weekend we've talked about a lot of things. One of the things that struck us the most is how much fun WE had. While planning this event we talked a lot about making sure that our "attendees" would have a kick-A time and we never really thought about us having a good time. Not that we thought we'd have a bad time but you know what we mean.

We were seriously blown away by the quality of people that came to hang with us. They're all amazing and are really super, awesome people that happen to like our music & us enough to come spend the weekend with us. What? How cool is that?

We feel super lucky.

And you guys. There is something really amazing about coming together as a team. You have no idea how inspired we are/were by the folks that surrounded us. It opened our eyes to the fact that yet again, people are AMAZING. The stories of friendship we heard brought tears to our eyes. The funny stories we heard made us laugh 'til we cried. The heartbreaking stories of struggle and pain. Of sickness and the unknowns. We all toughed out 3.1 miles together. Cheering for each other. We were a team.

We weren't only a team out on the course that day either. We were a team during the 55 minutes we hit record and played a show. Even if you weren't in the room we knew we had our team in the room with us. We felt love from all over the world cheering us on for our live recording...thank goodness for technology because we felt the love...we saw the tweets, the FB messages, the Instagrams...we saw the smiling faces in the room and we heard the voices singing along. We are a team.

Much love,