'Twas the night before Christmas...

Why do we say things like "'Twas" and "'Tis" at Christmas time? It just hit me when I was writing the subject line that there is no other time of the year that I say those things, BUT....since it's that time of year, here we go... 'Twas the night before Christmas (actually...'TIS the night before Christmas) and all through MY house, we just finished watching The Best of Will Ferrell...(I made no promises that this blog would rhyme or be any sort of poem.)

'Tis the season to be jolly...so that's why we watched something that would make us laugh. Now my whole family is quite jolly because, well...Will Ferrell is a pretty funny guy. ----jill


Speaking of Will Ferrell--I (kate) enjoyed the day with my family in the white wonderland that has been created in Chicago...and am about to go watch Elf...cause...well...it's Elf..it's Christmas Eve & it's funny...


That's about all we have on this fine Christmas Eve. Wrapping up present-wrapping and perhaps leaving some cookies and milk out for the ol' S.C. Who knows?

Hope everyone is enjoying the night!