Trying this out...

So I downloaded the application Wordpress so I can blog from my I'm trying it out. I'm kind of afraid I'm gonna make lots of spelling errors because typing on the iPhone can be tricky forgive my mistakes in advance.

We've been in CA for six days and I have loved pretty much every minute. Let me tell you why...

First, I got to see my super good friends from college (Chris & Jenielle and their ridiculously cute baby girl) who live in Orange County. Seeing old friends is always a good time.

Second, the weather has been gorgeous. Sunny but not too hot. Crisp.

Third, got to hit up some of my favorite food places in LA which if you know me at all....makes me über happy.

And last but definitely not least I get to perform on some of my favorite TV shows. Life is good people.

Ok--there's my first blog from my iPhone. We'll post some CA pics soon :)

Love, -kate