Tomorrow's the day...

Well, kids...the days have flown by and here we are on the eve of December 9th. Yay! Kate and i are very excited for you guys to hear the new music...thank you all SO much for your awesome emails, comments, support....etc!  So here's the deal: We want a lot of people to hear about this EP release so we need your help! Think you can do it? We do. :)

Tomorrow, get the word out. Email your friends, leave it as your AIM away message, put it up as your Facebook status, make it a Myspace bulletin, Twitter it, Blog it, Vlog it, Smog it, Frog it...okay i got a little carried away with that, but you get the idea. :)  Tell everyone you know about the JillandKate EP "Finding My Own Way"....yeahhhh!

It'll be on iTunes in America and worldwide!

Stay tuned tomorrow for multiple J&K updates... :)

-jill (and kate)