The "Things I Like" (week of July 3-9)

One time we wrote a song called "Things I Like." You can hear it on our Songs on the 17th album.

This blog is a little spin on that song. It's gonna be totally random and we will try to post it every so often. We'll be sharing random things we like. So here it goes:

Funfetti Cake Mix "Stars and Stripes" Edition: Now, as delicious as cakes and cupcakes are, the secret to this box is the cookie recipe on the side panel. If you bring Funfetti cookies to any party, we guarantee you will be the most popular person in attendance. You're welcome.

Rain: Sometimes you just need a good old fashioned rainy day. It's good for the grass and good for the soul. And it's a free car wash as well. Score!

SILVER Goat Cheese: Goat cheese is good any time of day. By the way, it's WAY cheaper at Trader Joe's than at the regular grocery store. Totally hooked on goat cheese at the moment.

WINGS on NETFLIX! Remember this show? It's about a small airport in Nantucket (close to Martha's Vineyard where we went to music school) and it's awesome! Netflix is the best. There are so many good shows, movies and documentaries to watch.

This Bumper Sticker: Saw this bumper sticker and snapped a photo. Like it.

That concludes this week's "Things I Like" blog. Hope you liked it. :)