The Story Behind Jill and Kate Jewels

About 2 months ago we asked you, our AMAZING fans, what piece of merchandise you would most likely want to purchase from us.

We were kind of surprised most of you wanted necklaces or jewelry of some sort. So we got thinking. We looked at a few merchandising companies to see what necklaces they could make. We looked at outsourcing a design firm to design a logo for a necklace and we didn't like any of it. Nothing felt or looked like "us." ANd we really wanted to have these items be something we would totally wear & love. So, then we thought about doing it ourselves.

Ta-da...Jill and Kate Jewels was born. The best part of doing it ourselves was that we could make each one unique aka the inner control freak in both of us was SUPER pleased. We could make each one differently. We wanted to make sure we communicated something with each necklace and that there would be a story behind each one.

So each one is handmade, by yours truly j&k. What that means is that we hand stamp each letter or number one by one. Each one has been thought out. Each one is totally unique. No two are alike.

We stamp them. Polish them. Then we put them in these adorable little boxes & get them ready to ship.

We wanted to make them fun, a little vintage/industrial looking & of course super stylish.  We were inspired by everything from our own names, to lyrics and lifes phrases that have stuck with us. The great thing about jewelry with writing on it is that it can be a great visual reminder to us. So a lot of the words that are on the necklaces have been really important in our own daily lives.

Much love,



And PS. Those of you wanting a new t-shirt design...we are working on that too...but don't worry...we are NOT hand making each of them. More news about that coming soon!