The Rubber-Band Affect

Sometimes life moves at an insane pace. Turbo warp speed if you will. You shuffle, push through...try to take it all in. You snap pictures, take in the smells, the sights, the hugs...all in hopes that the memories you make don't start to fade.

It's like I've been running with a rubber-band around my waist...and I just stopped and the past few weeks have slammed into me. At certain points throughout the day, I'll tear up for no particular reason. Just emotion bubbling over.

I've probably had one of the busiest past six weeks of my life. So, after 24 hours back in Nashville I feel like I stopped (sort of...well not really...I'm not on a plane or in a get what I mean...). The hustle and bustle that was behind me in the latter weeks has caught up. More like slammed into me. I'm realizing how many emails I've overlooked, how many friends I need to call or text back...I'm realizing how tired I am. How much sleep I've missed. How I've been on 4 continents in 7 days. How it is possible to leave pieces of your heart in different places. How I've laughed so hard my abs kill. How I've seen beauty. How I've seen heartache. How I've been in absolute awe of God's creation.

At the end of it incredibly blessed I am. I wish there was another word for's more like super-duper-unbelieveably-lucky-knock-my-socks-off-fortunate. That's more like it.

I'm trying not to forget moments. Trying not to forget the fun. Trying not to forget the growth.