The Bitter End Show

So we had a great time last Thursday (5.26.11) in New York City--our very first j&k show in NYC ever!!!!! It was seriously SOOOOOOOO fun!!! Despite the late hour of the day, everyone was so kind and sang along to every single much fun! Ashley Arrison did a fabulous set before we played--we always enjoy singing along to all of her stuff!! She and Aben put on a damn good show! Here is a pic we snapped of them :)

Here are a couple pics of us playing that people sent us:

Oh and we ended the night outside the club playing one song (a special request that we didn't play during our actual show)...which might have been our favorite part...see pic below...

Okay--so we hope to be playing again VERY soon. Like, VERY, VERY soon.

Thanks for the support and love and well wishes....

Have a fabulous SATURDAY!