The Ballet (Day #23)

Last night my fam and I got classy and went to the ballet. It was beautiful. We saw their production of the Nutcracker and I seriously thought they did an amazing job! It was hysterical sitting in between my two 14 year old brothers. Their commentary throughout the whole thing made it even better. One of them kept asking when intermission  "half-time" was. The other one said, "I can get on board with everything...except for the tights." Haha. I will admit, the gentleman dancers tights were very, very, veryyyyy, I don't think I've ever seen tights as tight. Tight. Moving right along.

I kept telling them that they were experiencing culture and that this would make them more cultured individuals. That did not sell well. They did not feel like they were becoming more cultured. But, it was fun to see them take it all in...occasional eye rolls and all. The production was gorgeous and of course, the dancers were all fabulous. Such talent.

I did think about movies like "Save The Last Dance" and "Center Stage" while watching the ballet last night. I wondered what kind of real life drama was going on with all the dancers...who hated who, who liked who, who got the part they thought they should get, etc. Needless to say, it did kind of make me want to watch those movies again. Got to love Julia Stiles.

My favorite line of last night was at intermission when one of my brothers looked at me and said:

"I am never letting my daughter do ballet."

Me: (*Shocked*) "Whyyyyy?"

Little Brother: "Cause then I'd have to watch it!"

There you have it. Apparently the ballet totally and forever changed their lives. Haha.

It really did...we got home and they both started re-doing some of what they saw on the kitchen floor. Hilarious.