Talk It Out

We are doing a new segment in our never ending get-to-know-us-via-the-web adventures... but alas, we have no clever title for it...we wish we did...but we don't. We were trying for something cute-sie like "Facebook Fridays" or "Chat 2 Chat" or "Topic of the Month" but as you see...NONE of those are clever...or cute-sie... So, here's how it's gonna work...even though we have no clever title (insert sad face.) Once a month we will post a message on our lovely Facebook page and you guys can leave comments and tell us what to talk about in our next "Chatterbox Episode"...nope...that one doesn't work either...

Anywho.... here are some examples of comments you could should be something you'd like to hear us talk could be anything from favorite foods, how we feel about boys who wear skinny jeans, what our favorite adventure has been, how electricity get it. It could be anything. We'll look over the comments, pick a topic (or maybe two), discuss it in a video episode and then post the video on Facebook a few days later!

How fun is this going to be? Eeee.....

Fun. Fun.

Okay--our brilliant friend Meghan (and a big shout out to Jaq!) just came up with the most genius title ...."WORD ON THE 3RD." How cute is that???

Sooooo, be looking for a post asking what our "Word on the 3rd" should be. Then, post your word or topic of choice in the comments & then check on our Facebook page every 3rd of the month and you'll see a new video of us chatting away :)

So, make sure you scoot your little tooshie over to our Facebook it. Love it.


Much love.