Did Facebook just call me fat?

This morning I checked my Facebook page...to see what news my friends had to say & there I am just scrolling along & THIS AD POPS UP:

I'm sorry. What?!? Did I really just see an advertisement for "curvy women" on my timeline? Facebook, are you calling me fat? Cause last time I checked I don't think I inputted my weight into the "about me" section...so what the heck Facebook? Are you looking at pictures I upload, sending them through a filter & if they don't fall under a certain measurement filtering me into the "curvy" category?

Ladies & gentlemen... I got an ad for BIG & BEAUTIFUL SINGLES in my area. I'm a little peeved.

I mean, are they running ads for women they deem NOT curvy that read..."Meet men who love skinny girls in your area."

I find this aggravating on many levels. Why the heck is Facebook making judgements about my weight? For the love of all that's pure and holy I don't want to even begin to think that Facebook advertisers are worried about what size my jeans are. And what gives them the right to call me big?

I am by no means a size 2 but why are we being programed to believe that anything above a stick figure is BIG? What is wrong with people? Also, why or how are we defining BIG and WHO CARES ANYWAY? I am saying this because it's a real fight to keep this line of thinking intact. When images on magazines are photoshopped to high heavens and taking away any resemblance of "a curve" or cellulite or anything that real women have...it's no wonder that these messages are being programmed into our psyches.

Ugh...it's so aggravating. I know it's not the biggest deal in the world but it's these daily little fights that can derail us if we aren't careful. I don't want to focus on what size my pants are. Or if I looked fat in that picture. I mean, I know all of us women (and men) can tend to hyper-focus on that but I don't want that. I want to focus on the positive things. The beautiful things in life. I am healthy. I am active. I can go to the grocery store at any time and buy food. I am safe. There are so many more important things than "curvy" or "not curvy."

Much love,