Wine (31 Days - Day #28)

The holidays are a great opportunity to try some new wines. Here are a few new ones we hadn't tried before. (Ps. These are non-fancy reviews of wine. We know nothing about the proper "educated" terms…just clarifying before we got started.)

IMG_4366Come on, red velvet wine…made by Cupcake? Can you say…WINNER! It's not too heavy or sweet…tasted kind of like a merlot. And how festive is that label? Perfect for a holiday table. Next year guys. Next year.

IMG_4506Oooooh…loved this Chardonnay. It's not very sweet. It's like it says on the bottle…crisp & clean. So delicious. Made by Kendall-Jackson.. which we love their Reisling but hadn't tried this one.

IMG_4525In the airport I (Kate) found this wine bar & tried a taste of 3 different white wines. They serve them with the description of each underneath. I liked the first 2 but the last one wasn't my favorite (even though the description was something along the lines of buttercream.)

IMG_4521This was my favorite from the tasting…it's from New Zealand. Woot woot. I loved the passion fruit and citrus flavors…never tasted anything like it before. LOVED it. I got a full glass of it after the tasting was finished. What? Don't judge. I had a LOT of time to kill in the airport. Plus, I was reading. Reading a book + a glass of wine... might = perfection :)

Do you have a favorite new wine you've discovered recently? Sharing is caring.




HBD to the J to the H.

It's June 3rd folks...which means that it is non-other than Jason Halbert's BIRTHDAY! We did a blog last year with pics & we decided to do it again this year. We have the pleasure of working alongside him & this last year has proved yet again why we are so thankful for him! He is our fearless musical leader on the road, a great friend, kick-A running buddy & an example of a fabulous husband and father. Also, he is always inspiring us to take pictures to document our many travels so we decided to put together a collection of those from the last 12 months. We are so happy to know him, laugh with him and j&k are looking forward to seeing what awesome things are in store for JH this year.

Jason...first off.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY...

This is how we see you a lot...

Sometimes you wear a shirt to remind us who you are and what you're doing there...

Australia soundcheck...

VH1 Unplugged rehearsal.

"STRONGER" video shoot rockin' the key-tar.

No clue when this was...some rehearsal in the last 365 days :)

When things really get going you'll move on to this instrument...

Power faces.

Food is an important staple...Cracker Barrel pit stop...hmm...

Chowing down on Koi NYC. Yum.

Music City Hot Chicken Festival, Nashville, TN.

BK & long car rides....good combo.

Just normal breakfast table conversations happening here...

We like to run...Sydney, Australia.

Run club...West Hollywood, CA.

We hauled our butts over that bridge & back...hoo-yeah run club 2012! San Francisco, CA.

We admire all of Jason's modes of transportation....swing....


Surf board...


We also support a creative wardrobe...when you feel like wearing all grey animated uniforms....

And wizard costumes...

And star shaped glasses....

And yuppy yacht apparel...

And bibs...

And neon green suits...

And mostly when you wear your party rockin' LMFAO lovin' gear.

Group shots extravaganza....

These next few pics didn't have a category but thought they were honorable mentions of good times!

Weirdest city ever for a wine bar...Reno.

Dance party on the bus.

Best day ever...Universal.

Jill's birthday....Denver, CO.

Made up game...entertainment for at least 30 minutes.

Free drinks on January 1st flying to New Orleans!

Culture Committee party Jacksonville, FL.

Jay Leno!

Dressing room at SNL. Aben looks thoroughly entertained.

Recording in Australia.

Some coffee shop somewhere in the world...

Best German driver ever. #preoseccoforever

New iPhone photo app DIPTIC...all of us demonstrating the "jet lag"

UK X-Factor.

Stretching it out before our pre-flight to Australia.

NO idea where this was but I bet we were having loads of fun!


Until next year....


10 Things...

10 Things We Do Around Christmas Time More Than The Rest Of The Year...

1. Eat more dessert. Way more.

2. Play more board games with friends and family.

3. Read by the fire and maybe even doze off.

4. Think about God, faith, spiritual things in a more in depth way.

5. Drink more wine.

6. Go to more movies.

7. See more kindness all around.

8. Send and receive more group text messages and/or emails.

9. Go to bed at an embarrassingly early hour.

10. Enjoy the people you don't get to see enough.

Christmas Par-tay

Tonight we gathered at a friend's house for a little holiday cheer & a little bit of birthday action for Kate. We sang Christmas carols, ate cupcakes, cookies...drank some wine. It was fun, fun, fun. It's always fun to gather at holiday parties and chat with people that you haven't seen in awhile. Catch up. Good times. Yay for holiday parties.


December 1. The Fun has begun.

Okay, it's the first day of our 31 days of  blogging. Hopefully. We are gonna do our best. :) We are in Fresno, CA tonight and got a visit from our friend David who we used to tour with way back when! It's great to have friends all over the country that we get to see from time to time.

We only have 7 more shows on this All I Ever Wanted US's been a really awesome time. Yesterday we got to spend some time in San Jose which was a really cool city! We had dinner at Maggiano' of our favorite places to get Italian food. Our waiter dumped over a glass of wine right by Ashley's feet. He thought the glass was empty. It was perfectly good wine. Oh well.

Well, that was a very exciting story, we know...but it's time to get on stage now so this is all for today. Tomorrow will be better....maybe.