when it don't come easy

When it don't come easy.

Not only is that one of my favorite songs by Patty Griffin, but it's also a theme that's been on my mind lately. Some things just don't come easy and you wish they would. Why are things so darn hard sometimes? Ah. Why? To get a lot done you have to do a lot. To work hard you have to work really hard. I know it sounds redundant but man, that's really the truth. That's where my head has been at lately...you get in the groove of getting stuff done, setting goals and then when you hit a lull or a ditch in the road it reminds me that you have to fight for all you want.

The worst part in all of it is letting your mind win by telling you that you are all alone in the fight. Tisk, tisk self. I don't know about you, but I often fall into that mindset of thinking that it's me against the world...that no one has been where I've been, stood where I stood or tried to do what I've done. Now, that's just silly.

I'm not sure why I decided to write this blog. Oh wait--yes, I am. It was because yesterday was one of those days. You know...just one of those days. Those days when even a stranger can make you feel like everyone is against you.

I ate at a Thai restaurant last night here in Sydney and it was the waiter's sole purpose in life to belittle me and be rude. Rudeness I can handle, yet when he started to make fun of a member of my group, I got a wee bit heated with him. Haha. Yup. It happened. But looking back, that waiter was just a reminder of why sometimes I feel like things don't come easy.

In conclusion...who knows. Maybe I'm just having a sad day. Why do we get sad days? I'm a happy person. I have a great job, great friends, great family--but still find myself having a sad day every now and then. My good friend Reva has a line in one of her songs and it says, "...it's not that bad, that's what makes it so bad..." I can totally relate to that line.

If you are having a sad day too, I say embrace it. Let yourself feel sad. For a long time I would freak out if I had a sad day and try to make myself not feel all I was feeling. Screw that. Let yourself feel. Write down what you are thinking (or blog about it like I did..haha.) Talk to someone. Put the Rosie Thomas song "Farewell" on repeat--that's what's been playing while I've been writing this blog.

Hope everyone is okay.