trace adkins

You Really Never Know...

Sometimes you really just don't know what's around the corner for you. Recently for us, it was a pretty exciting offer... Trace Adkins asked us to sing with him on his summer tour (!!!).

We're pumped to be joining Trace & his band across the country and even a couple shows in Canada..which obviously makes us excited because in September we will be hitting the road with Jann Arden opening for her in Canada on her Everything Almost Tour. 

So...if you're coming to a Trace show this summer, look for our CD's at his merchandise table and make sure you tweet us if you're there...we'd love to come out & say hi :)

Oh and did we mention that we are working on recording new music? Well...and that we already have been recording new music? YAYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!! We cannnnnot wait for you to join us in making a new album. It's gonna be super fun.'s 4th of July here in the USA! Independence Day! Celebrate safely and remember to thank our military members all year round.

Love y'all...