todd james

Sleeping On the Job

So, if you didn't know this already, we are so excited about the photoshoot we did with the ultra super talented Todd & Ashley earlier this year! We are getting very close to releasing a new website with loads of fun new pics on it...but because we have no patience we thought we would post this one teaser shot. We were exhausted...and so we thought we'd get a little shut eye on the job :)

Broke* Wrap Party Pics

Go check out Todd's blog with AWESOME pictures from the Broke* Wrap Party last week! It was an amazing night...let's just say that night Kate was passing out post concert treats..i.e. oatmeal cream pies & happened to hand one to a person who wrote and sings a song called "Making Pies." Haha. A-woo-hoo.

Anyway...go check out Todd James Photography for some sweet visuals.