the bluebird cafe

Chatting with Hunter Hayes - Day 28 #31DaysofBlogging

We may have written a song called Nashville recently that may give the false idea that we dislike the city in some way. In all truth, Nashville is a magical place. It is a one of a kind, special, incredible town filled with talented, generous, and interesting people. It is full of a “You never know what could happen” attitude, and we credit our willingness to go find out what could happen in large part to that attitude that is so felt there.


Today we want to tell you about a magical place in Nashville called The Bluebird Cafe.

The Bluebird Cafe is a place for songwriters. They have 2 shows per night, and songwriters sit in chairs in the middle of this tiny (yet magical) venue and take turns telling the stories behind the songs they have written. Audience members are sitting all around the songwriters making it quite intimate. It’s been an iconic venue for a long time, but since the TV show Nashville aired, its popularity skyrocketed. Most shows sell out in under 5 minutes and there can be lines seen halfway down the block on any given day -- people just waiting for any last minute available tickets.


We’ve had the privilege of playing there a few times, and each time we feel the magnitude of what an honor it is to be able to share our songs in the same spot where so many of our song writing heroes have sat and shared theirs.


Not too long ago, our friend and super talented pal, David Bradley asked us to do a round with him and Hunter Hayes. We were pumped! We arrived and got caught up with both of them, and as we were chatting, Hunter asked us what we’d been up to. We told him about the podcast and the idea that we were exploring of talking about “What to do when life doesn’t go the way you planned it.” He was like, “I love that idea -- I’d love to talk to you guys about that on your podcast sometime.” SO THAT WAS AWESOME!

So, we played the round -- which was so much fun. Honestly...if we could do that show every night of the week, we’d be happy. And a few weeks later we went to Hunter’s house and recorded THIS episode. It was one of our favorite conversations because Hunter doesn’t hold back talking about the hard parts of life and the music industry. It’s a MUST listen.


We just want to remind you, in case you are like thinking we have all of these amazing guests planned out and in our pockets ahead of time, we don’t. We want to remind you that sometimes the coolest things in life JUST HAPPEN when you say yes.

So, maybe you need a sign right now that you need to say yes to some opportunity or invitation you have in front of you, and maybe this is your sign, us telling you that you should just DO IT. You don’t know who you may meet, where you might end up, or what door might be opened just from making one small move.

Tomorrow we’ll tell you about interviewing one of our favorite authors who also happens to be a TV/movie/broadway star.

Hope you guys are liking the blogging as much as we are!