Things I'm *currently* Obsessed With

So, there are a few things I (kate) am obsessed with at this moment in time:

  • Vanilla Soy Latte's from Starbucks
  • any kind of HARIBO candy :)
  • BOINGO on my iPhone (internet provider type's awesome)
  • my cocoa-butter chapstick
  • Bon Iver (thanks Todd for the recommendation)
  • video chatting with my little brothers who teach me cool things like how to use the word "beast" when something is cool.
  • fresh squeezed orange juice
  • the TV show "The Good Wife" --I secretly wanna be a lawyer and wear power suits and carry a briefcase and say things like "Objection" randomly.
  • the song "Farewell" by Rosie Thomas
  • anything to put in my hair...clips, headbands, products...crazy curls...I know...I'm girly.
  • sweet photo apps on my iPhone that let me take a normal pic like this

and make it look like this:

Probably not a very interesting blog but I'm kinda bored in Hamburgertown right now so I thought I'd share...haha....Thanks to everyone who has been so kind to us at the shows over here! Ya'll are SUPER.

Much love and all things sweet-


Christmas Eve is here...clean out those chimneys!

Okay, so I've spent a little (lot) of time in places like Wal-Mart and Target over the past few days (weeks) and I've noticed a few things. 1. Whoever decided to put Starbucks in Target stores and Dunkin Donuts in Wal-Mart stores is a genius (caffeine addict.)

2. Kids get it. They know the real deal...i'm pretty sure. I've heard on a few occasions this week kids say something along the lines of "I hope Santa's going to bring me a truck (Wii) for you think he will, Dad? Cause I think he will. I'm sure he will, Dad!"

Now, kids are little (crazy) people, but I think they get how the whole thing works because to me it's more of a passive-aggressive 'hint-hint/nudge-nudge' than an innocent question for ol' Daddio. They want what they want and I think (know) they secretly know who's getting it for them. Kids are smarter (cooler) than we give them credit for most (most) of the time.

3. People (I) drive like maniacs this time of year. Of course, the rest of the year I'm a perfect (less than perfect) driver and treat everyone with the decency and courtesy (ahem) that they deserve. But put people (me) in a car in December and I'm crazy! Why? I don't know. I guess I just love joining the world in the whole Peace on Earth extravaganza!

This is random and weird, but it's Christmas Eve so go with it! Hope everyone has a great night tonight! I'm off to wrap wrap wrap...and maybe rap. Who knows.

Until next time. -j.


2 Things On My Mind...

1. While running errands, I had my radio on and heard an ad for a local nightclub.  They were advertising a competition that was called "itty bitty" (or something to that effect) and the grand prize was a breast enhancement! WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE???? I could not believe that they were using that as a prize...what has the world come to?? I literally said, "WHAT?" out my car.  That's the end of my rant.  Enough said. 2. "Overhead-Bin Bullies"

So, if you ever happen to see us in the airport, you'll see us each with our backpacks (mine is WAY cooler cause mine has wheels), our purses and generally a tall Starbucks...(can't drink too much before you get on a plane, ya know?) So on our last flight, Jill and I had boarded early...set our backpacks nicely above us in the overhead bin and started settling in to our exit row seats :) Shortly thereafter, a woman boarded who had a seat in front of us and asked if she could move our backpacks and stack them on top of each other so she could fit her small suitcase in our spot.  Jill immediately looked down to avoid eye contact & confrontation and I politely said, "Sorry, but no." I didn't want our computers to get crushed and since my backpack has wheels, it could and would have done some damage to Jill's. So more time passes and one of the last passengers to board, strolls up to our area and declares to the 25 people around us..."I'm going to move these backpacks and take them down 6 rows and shove them in a tiny spot so I can fit my bag in this spot."  I could not believe it....twice in ONE flight.  Just because our bags aren't as big, people were trying to take our spot.  So I, for the second time on this flight, looked her square in the eyes and just said, "No. Sorry. We'd like our bags to stay there.  Thank you."  She was not pleased.  But I felt really good to say no.  Not becauase I was trying to be a jerk--but because gosh darn it, I don't like being bullied on a plane. 

Alright...that's all for now.  


You Oughtta Know...Part 1.

Here's the first round of answers to ya'lls burning questions... 1. What are your plans for an upcoming album?

We are so excited that people want new music :)  We do not have a release date as of yet--because making a record is a big, expensive project...BUT, we promise to announce a release date as soon as we have one.

2. How has such close proximity to “celebrity” affected your views on being musicians and your future in this business?

There are extreme highs and lows in this business no matter what level you are have to love what you do in order to withstand the lows and sacrifices that this job entails...but the highs are definitely worth it :)  

3. Starbucks or Dunkin'?

Starbucks for hot....Dunkin' for iced.  Bam. 

4. Whats your secret to having such amazing hair?


Jill: Amazing hair?  Hats.

Kate: My friends make fun of me for having greasy it's funny that people out there might think I have amazing hair.  My secret weapon to fight the "bad hair days" is dry shampoo.  It's amazing...and it gives you tons of volume.  Klorane makes it...I use it like it's going out of style.  Haha.

5. What are your goals for 2008?

Have fun.  Be happy.  Do good.  (Not necessarily in that order)

6. Is there a plan to tour in Europe?

It's not in the immediate plans, but you guys are awesome and we hope to do that eventually.  

7. Where has been your favourite place to visit on the tour? 

Kate says...London baby!  Jill says...Australia and Cardiff.  

8. Did you get to do much touristy-type sightseeing?

We didn't have a whole lot of free time--one of the highlights was doing a scavenger hunt in Cardiff :)  It was an awesome way to see the sights and have some good laughs while doing it.

9. Were there any of the shows that you particularly enjoyed more than the others?

It's hard to pick a favorite--every show is a blast.  

10. Will you release your music in Europe esp. Germany, as well??

Our current music is available on iTunes and on our website.  We do ship overseas.  It will be the same for our new music :)

11. Jill, what's the one biggest thing that Kate does that annoys you and Kate what does Jill do that drives you craaaazy? 

Jill says: Kate is a multi-tasker...a chronic multi-tasker.  And I am a can see the problem. 

Kate says: Jill's idea of being on time is being 10 minutes early....I am not like this...

Great guys...that last question just broke up the band...HAHA...just kidding.

12. What's your fav song of the ones you have written? And why?

Jill says:  A tie between Alive and East Coast Bound....East Coast Bound because I love where I'm from and Alive because I just love the song.

Kate says: A song called Who Will Cry.  We've never released it--but it's the most therapeutic song I've ever written or been a part of.

13. When is Jill going to rock the side-ponytail during a concert?

If I gave that information away, it would not be sacred.

14.   When did you write your first songs?

Jill started writing songs in Junior High, Kate started shortly thereafter.  We met at a music program in college and wrote our first song together was called Stained.  That's right....we shared that with you.  Haha...

15. What do you look for in a guy?

Kate says:  Honesty.  Someone who is super me...haha.  Tall.  Not a tool.  Can't spend more time getting ready than me...or wear more jewelry than I do.  

Jill says:  Gotta have a sense of humor.  Tall.  Awesome.  Easy-going.  And He can't be a Yankees fan :) But we'll take what we can get :)

16.  If you could date any celebrity, who would it be and why?

Both of us say: J.T.T.  That's right...Jonathan Taylor Thomas...but only if we were 12 again.  

17. Out of your songs, which is your favourite to perform live?

Our current fav to perform live is Finding My Own looking for that one on the new album :)

18.  What inspired you to become singers?

We both found music to be our safe place when we were kids...even though we didn't know each other, we were obsessed with the same artists and addicted to recording songs off of the radio onto our cassette tapes.  All hail the early 90's. 

19.  Did you guys see the front row at Manchester rocking out with our side ponytails?

How could we miss it???  You guys are awesome :)

20.  Uhmm Kate...are you sure that thing was a hairdryer???

Well...I hope so :) Haha.

21. If you had to make a CD with only 5-10 of your favorite songs ever, what would be on it? We are each choosing 7 songs...this is a hard question.

Jill says: Stay-Lisa Loeb Rain- Patty Griffin Walking in Memphis-Marc Cohn Perfect-Alanis Morissette 6,8,12-Brian McKnight Drive-Incubus Mr. Jones-Counting Crows

Kate says: If-Janet Jackson Are You Still Mad?-Alanis Morissette Love is Overrated- The Ataris Hook-Blues Traveller Whenever You Call-Mariah Carey and Brian McKnight When It Don't Come Easy-Patty Griffin My Song-Brandi Carlile

22.  What was the first concert you went to? Most recent? Favorite?

Kate says:  August 16th, 1992...Amy Grant.  It changed my life.  I still have my ticket stub :)  Most recent...Lady Antebellum at a club in Nashville.  Favorite...Patty Griffin at the Hotel Cafe in LA.  Front row...I cried for the first 3 songs straight.

Jill says:  1994.  Steven Curtis Chapman.  And Jill says the same thing about the other two questions...except she didn't cry for the first 3 songs....her tear ducts are stronger than mine :)

More to come....  

Weird things in kate's world...

Well....I'm up earlier than usual so I thought I'd blog.  I've been seeing some rather unusual things recently and thought I would share some of them. This being the first thing:

This was a hairdryer in a hotel I stayed at recently in Belgium.  When I first walked in I thought to myself...what in the world is this?  I had no idea!!!  That is by far the strangest thing I have ever seen.  But... I like trying new I did....and I thought it might be a super duper turbo dryer or something that might dry my hair only in seconds... not the case. It had no power at all.  But I had to whip out my camera because I do not in my lifetime want to forget the strangest hairdryer I'd ever seen.

Here is something else unusual:

Yup.  Those are wheels.  AIrplane wheels.  Now you might be thinking why is this so unusual?  We all know that airplanes have's my thought.  An entire, HUGE airplane is going to land on those small, little wheels??? I mean...I know they are actually pretty big wheels...but a massive 747 boeing something or other is going to land on those.  Really?  That's it.  Wow.  As you can probably tell I am way to much of a child to just stand next to the wheels for my picture...I had to climb on them...even with my peppermint mocha from Starbucks!
This next thing is not so unusual but it's pretty unusually awesome:

This picture is not the best quality of sorts but I want to share my new found love for a peanut butter and fluff sandwich.  Fluff, also known as "mallow" to some, comes in a medium sized jar, generally with a bright red lid--it's a spreadable marshmallow creme and it's the BEST!

The picture above is of a real "fluffernutter."  Some grew up eating these sandwiches on many occasions...I did not.  I stuck to the usual peanut butter & jelly, or some sort of meat & cheese.  Never was the fluff apart of my stuff.  Haha.  But it is now...and I love it.

Now this next thing is kind of personal...and unusual:

Guys--it's time for me to come clean.  I never thought the day would come...but it did.  I wore the "skinny" jean with converse.  You might be laughing right now because this has been a popular trend for some time now--but I never liked it.  I didn't understand why all of a sudden a pair of flare or bootcut jeans were just not as cute.  I mean I think the "skinny" jean idea is genius for when you have on boots...but I could never do it with normal shoes on.  But on this day...I did.  I guess I just don't like the name of them either..."skinny jeans."  I am giving the big VETO to the name... I'll be thinking of another name for them.

The last thing is not's just one of my favorite things:

Flying at night.  I love looking out the window and seeing all the lights.  It's one of my favorite things ever.

Love from the girl who will keep her eyes out for more unusual things...