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Window or Aisle? - Day 5 #31DaysOfBlogging


We have pretty much become the most loyal Southwest Airlines passengers anyone can find. We have added to our work bucket list to play one of their 35,000 feet concerts, and if we ever make it into the Southwest Magazine we might literally die, because OMG — we heart SWA so much.

We have gotten in DEEP y’all. DEEP.

We have the credit card, we are proud holders of drink coupons, and we JUST GOT THE COMPANION PASS. Can we get an Amen? (The companion pass is a loyalty program reward where you get to have someone fly FREE with you for an entire year. It’s like a 2 for 1 deal but on AIRLINE TICKETS. Is there anything better? Chelllllooooooo — NO.

See, on Southwest there are no assigned seats, which means that on a not-totally-full-flight you have the potential of having a seat empty next to you. Soooo…Jill and I have pretty much perfected the art of keeping the middle seat between us free.


I, Kate am a LOYAL window seat person. (This is actually where I’m sitting right now as I type…it’s my favorite spot to write.)

I love me a good window seat. Jill is a loyal aisle type of girl. She likes her space. So, when we board a plane, I go for the window and Jill takes the aisle, and then we try and keep the middle seat empty.  

We have pretty much become experts on their boarding process and here are our two top techniques for keeping the middle seat empty:

  • Put food in the middle seat. The messier looking food the better. Open a to-go box full of greasy looking fries and a burger and noooooooo one is going to want to sit there. If you can be eating while passengers are boarding it works like a charm.

  • Leave a purse or bag in the seat and lean over it talking to each other. You sort of cover up the fact that there is even a middle seat to be taken. If you let out a good fake cough at this point that’s another sure thing to have people passing you by.

Please do the above at all times while avoiding eye contact with every single person.

If you’re tempted to see who else is walking down the aisle…don’t do it. Avert your eyes. Once people see your compassionate looking eyes while searching for a seatmate, you will be TOAST.


I don’t know where we first heard this, because it definitely wasn’t our genius idea, but we heard someone once say that they got a fake book jacket cover that read “How to Share Your Faith On A plane” and held it up so people would see that and just pass him by. That’s some funny stuff right there.

But let us just be clear on why we have left all other airlines behind. You can change your flight 10 minutes before take-off without losing your money. Ummm helllooooo? For two traveling “walkabouters” this provides the perfect amount of flexibility for us. Plus, you always get 2 checked bags for FREE. That’s ZERO dolla dolla bills you guys. Say what? Plus they send you drink coupons for free drinks and what is better than a free cocktail or glass of wine while you are looking out of that window??


We tell you more about our tips and tricks of keeping the middle seat empty and about the SWA flight that took us to NYC to a fun party where we danced the night away with Cindy Crawford. Yeah, you read that correctlyyou can listen here.

Tomorrow we are going to tell you some of the behind the scenes moments from our biggest podcast guests of the season.

What did we buy before our interview with Lauren Graham? What did we bring to Ben Higgins for our interview? We dish on all of this and more tomorrow.

Xoxo Gossip Girl

(JUST KIDDING, had to.)