Where has Spring sprung?

It's Spring and it's still cold. No likey.

And the worst part about all of it is that last weekend Spring was here. We all welcomed it with open arms. We settled into Spring. We opened our homes' doors and cleaned off our patios. We reveled in the fact that bulky sweaters and heavy boots were a thing no more. Flip flops were here. Sunshine was on our faces and 70 degrees Fahrenheit (wow, just had a really hard time spelling fahrenheit) happily was displayed on everyones iPhones. And now we are looking at this:

Ahem? Snow on Tuesday? A high of 43. Nashville, you must have confused yourself with some other city that pulls stunts like this.

Pull yourself together and get warm. We want to bask in your Springness. Cause seriously Nashville in the Spring is the BEST.THING.EVER.


Air In My Tires.

So I just had to put air in my tires.  I know some girls can do this lickity split...I understand it's not rocket science, but I don't like doing it.  I always think I'm putting too much air in and the tire is gonna hands always get this layer of filthy black stuff on them and I swear I don't ever do it right anyway.... So that's why I hate putting air in my tires...which I just did in the sleet/snow that is hitting Nashville.

So I'm consoling myself with some peanut butter M&M's.

So good.

So there.