it's late where i'm at and i couldn't sleep so i thought i'd write a quick blog. there's nothing better than a nice bowl of cereal when you can't sleep. so--while typing i'm shoveling cereal into my mouth like i haven't eaten in weeks or something...haha.
i was hanging out with my little brother's a few weeks ago and they have this awesome book that teaches you how to draw things. i generally cannot draw anything more than a stick figure to save my life, but in effort to spend quality bonding time with them i decided to put pencil to paper and draw with them. and this is what came out...

i was SUPER impressed with myself. i mean...honestly my 8 year old brothers did it just as well...but still...i was pretty excited about how my fish turned out. the book is AWESOME and i secretly wanted to steal it and take it home with me...but i didn't.
and to wrap up my awesome and somewhat boring story about this fish it reminded me that when one of my brothers was just a wee little tot....he had the CUTEST lisp. we would try and get him to say fish. so we'd say, "fa, fa, fish." he would repeat and say, "fa, fa, shish." it wasn't a "fishy," it was a "shishy." so to sum it all up. cereal = good. drawing = good. shishy = good. night night. -kate