Cool Running (s).

It's finally cooling off in the early mornings which means that running outside again is actually an option :) YAY! Cause during the summer months it is absolute torture for me to run outside. Heat makes me turn into a whiney 3 year old. Not attractive. But now it's a wee bit cooler in the morning so I have meandered outside again for my run. Running outside is one of my favorite things.

I was thinking about some of my favorite runs over the years...There was was when we were in England last fall...and we running through the fields and there were sheep. SHEEP. Just grazing around beautifully. It was cool but not cold. The sun was shining, blue sky and rolling green hills.


We both could have sworn that Mr. Darcy was going to meet us at the end of the path. Oh yes, we were running down a path (said in my best British accent)..not just a sidewalk. Seriously...where were the women of Sense & Sensibility??I swear I could hear them in my head.


Guys, did I mention the sheep? There were the most adorable sheep. We both took pictures having staring contests with them....hehee...




So yeah...that pretty much was one of my very favorite runs EVER. Who's getting back out into the cooler weather with me?

Happy trails.


PS. My apologies to those who thought this blog was going to be about the 1993 super smash hit blockbuster, "Cool Runnings."  I mean...I did love that movie.Okay is a quote from the movie for your enjoyment: "Hey, Dreadlocks! Let me kiss your lucky egg!"