Here a shark, there a shark, everywhere a shark shark.

On a glorious Tuesday, March 16th, while in Cape Town South Africa we traveled two hours away to do some great white shark cage diving. What is this you say? Get in a cage with great white sharks. Are you kidding me? Well, we are serious and had a BLAST doing it. We took a 15 minute incredibly rocky boat ride out to where the sharks were.

Boarding the boat!

The ride felt like a roller-coaster at times--I was holding on for dear life.

After suiting up in a 7mm inch thick wet-suit (the water was a nice 11.5 C)--you get some fashion forward goggles and they let you crawl into a cage that sits on the side of the boat. WARNING: THIS PICTURE OF KATE MIGHT BE THE HOTTEST THING YOU'VE EVER SEEN!


Five people get in at a time and they throw bait over your head and around the boat to lure in these huge creatures of the sea.

Technically, I think we (the humans) were the bait--but the sharks liked to play with those Tuna fish heads.

When they see a shark coming, they tell you to get ready and then they scream "DOWN, DOWN!" and you hold your breath, grab a red bar on the inside of the cage and pull yourself down to get a close look at the sharks.

An interesting thing happened while Kate was in the cage--the shark tried to join them inside the cage--he was a bit feisty and slammed his body into the cage. It was crazy. All five of us backed up as far as we could and then all came to the surface screaming laughing.

There he is--trying to get in. WOW!

Screaming & laughing at how close the shark came!

The whole trip was such a fun experience--getting to see the sharks in their natural environment was amazing. It was like shark week --only 100 times better. Haha! Here are some more pictures from the day! -j&k-

Yup. That happened.

On the back of our disposable camera. Anyone else think this is funny?

The water was pretty clear.

The camera freaked out during this was supposed to be showing the awesome wetsuit look.

Jody, shark-fin-April, Jason & Kate!