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WHY Eleven?

Some of you have asked…why did your single come out on a Sunday? Normally new music comes out on Tuesday and your single, Rocky Road, came out on a Sunday. What gives? Well, glad you asked. We wanted our single to come out on Sunday because of the date….the 11th. See, Rocky Road is our first song to release from our new album ELEVEN coming out this year.

There is no song called eleven on our album…and no, there aren't even 11 songs on the album. But, we made the album during the 11th year working together and we thought that was pretty cool.

IMG_4788{Us in the studio with Dave}


Last year while we were making the album we kept saying…isn't it crazy that we've been working together for 11 years? It came up all the time. 11 years of singing together. WOW. So, when we were trying to think of a title for the album we kind of liked Eleven. We liked the one word. We liked that it named this chapter in our story. These songs are a collection of thoughts and feelings and a lot of them represent the last 11 years of our journey. These songs tell stories.

So…confusion solved. Everyone is on the same page right? ELEVEN. Woohoo!

So, have you downloaded the single yet? It's kind of happy and sad and will hopeful make you hopeful. And maybe it will make you dance. Cause life is better when you dance.

Love you all.

xo j&k

PS. Click HERE to download your copy.

Rocky Road


Rocky Road Single Cover! (31 Days-Day #26)

Guys...our new single is ALMOST HERE! Even if you've heard our acoustic version of Rocky Road, this is totally different. We are so stoked about it! So we wanted to share with you the single cover...we are too excited to keep this stuff in, so little by little we'll be revealing things about this new album to you.  If you haven't Pre-Ordered, you still can! Your pre-orders are helping us make this album a reality, so THANK YOU! Honestly, your generosity and support are such an encouragement to us. We can't believe we get to do this and that you are on this ride with us!

Oh, if you've pre-ordered or if you do will get this song in your inbox VERY soon!

Much love...


JK_Rocky Road-01

Rocky Road Preview (31 Days- Day #11)

So excited to share with y'all that our first single from our upcoming album called "Eleven" is a song called "Rocky Road." Our first single will release January 11th, 2015 and we cannot wait for you to hear it! Want to hear a snippet of the song? Click below:

We are in love with it and hope you dig it as much as we do! This song has been an influential song for us mostly because when we posted it on our blog in a Song on the 17th in 2011, it was YOUR response that made us really realize how special the song was. We have met so many fans who talk about this song…so it was so fun to bring it to Dave & have him bring this song to a whole new level.

If you pre-order our album, you will get the single in your email inbox THIS MONTH! So pre-order today….

Thanks for all the love & support guys. We are ALL IN THIS TOGETHER.