Boredom, Running and Scenic Drives

Boredom at its finest backstage.

Okay...maybe THIS is boredom at its finest backstage.

Boredom also leads to sticking tiny silver hearts on our cheeks. Pretty sure you can only see Lesley's. #picturefail

Y'all have been asking for pics of the birthday girl on her ya go!

A little karaoke action in Denver for Jill's bday.

Birthday hats = serious party time.

Gorgeous drive to Seattle!

Seriously unreal.

Still driving to Seattle...

An afternoon in San Francisco!!!

OO-AH run club run across the Golden Gate bridge...AND back. (pic taken by kate while running...notice finger in bottom left hand corner!)

That's kate running...

After a fun day of running and wandering around downtown SF, we had fabulous food at the Crab House...and a delicious MOJITO! Yummy.

Jason was all bibb-ed and ready to go.

We saw the sea lions just chillin' on the pier.

Finished off the night with ice cream....

We just got to celebrate our dear friend & bandmate Einar's birthday...HOORAY!

Driving to Bakersfield we saw these crazy orange flowers...

After the Bakersfield show we met a new friend TeriAnn & she gave us these adorable purses that she MADE HERSELF. Along with a super sweet handwritten note inside. (Jill's purse isn't pictured but it is equally adorable!) We love them & cannot wait to use them.

So there you have it...those are some pics from the last week or so...

Can't believe it is almost April....wowza.


Spare Change

So being out on the road we always come across situations that we don't normally come across when we are home. One thing we've noticed especially lately is that almost every time we leave the hotel we are seeing/experiencing a lot of folks who are living on the streets. People asking for a dollar. People asking for spare change.

It's something we've talked about quite a bit...when someone asks for money we want to help. We are very fortunate to have jobs, places to live, etc. and it is easy to grab the change in your pocket or a couple bucks, hand it over and walk away. At the same time, you never know what that money is actually being used for and you don't know if you are helping or not. So we've gotten into the habit of offering food in place of money.

We had a funny encounter today...we walked passed a gentlemen who had a sign that in big, bold writing said "WEED, SEX" and something else....he was sporting a giant hat that had marijuana leaves on it...he was quite a character. As we walked past he looked right at us, held up his sign and said, "Anyone wanna help me get SH!T-faced?" He said it loud and proud...we laughed...and continued least he was being honest.'s not easy to know what to say/do sometimes. What do you do when you encounter people asking you for money?