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JillandKate ON TOUR!

NEW YORK Monday, August 20, 2012

The Bitter End 147 Bleecker St New York, New York 10012

8:30pm w/ Reva Williams


BOSTON Friday, August 24th, 2012

Atwood's Tavern 877 Cambridge St. Cambridge, MA 02141

9pm w/ Reva Williams $7 at door 21+


CHICAGO Friday, August 31, 2012

The Underground Lounge 952 West Newport Avenue Chicago, IL 60657

8:30 pm $7

Come hang with us…and see our awesome friend Reva Williams play too!



The Renegade

Our dear friends Will Gray & Reva Williams have collaborated on a 6 song EP...let the cheering commence!!! They are both so ridiculously it's obvious that when they come together good things happen. The album is titled "The Renegade" & it's quirky, moody & their vocal nuances will blow your mind.

Click here to learn all about the fun shows they are don't wanna miss them!

And check out their EP here :)

Much love,


Broke* Wrap Party Pics

Go check out Todd's blog with AWESOME pictures from the Broke* Wrap Party last week! It was an amazing night...let's just say that night Kate was passing out post concert treats..i.e. oatmeal cream pies & happened to hand one to a person who wrote and sings a song called "Making Pies." Haha. A-woo-hoo.

Anyway...go check out Todd James Photography for some sweet visuals.




What is your most played song on iTunes? Who's idea was it to combine your names and make it jillandkate? -Myriam Jill's most played song is "Can I Still Come Over?" by Gretel. Kate's most played song is "Poison & Wine" by The Civil Wars. We can't really remember who came up with putting our names together...we were trying to come up with something and we just kinda settled on jillandkate. We wanted something simple--easy for people to remember.

Kate, since you were born in Germany: do you speak German? What’s your favorite thing to do online? What's the funniest or strangest rumor you have heard about yourself? Do you have any weird talents? -Sarah

Yes, I speak a tiny, little bit of German. I actually understand a bit more than I speak--which is awesome when people are talking about me in German and they think I can't understand them--it always freaks people out when I respond to them. Haha. Online...hmmm...Kate keeps up with the news...wherever it may be...hahaha...she is always announcing the latest headlines to whoever will listen! Also she frequents Facebook and her email. Jill is a game player. Yahtzee, Text Twist, Bookworm...among other games. Also she reads her local hometown newspaper everyday just to see what's going on in New Hampshire.  Strange rumors we've heard about ourselves? We try not to listen to rumors cause who likes hearing strange things about yourself that aren't true? Weird talents. Jill can do this thing called "Doi-Doi-ing." You won't believe it until you see it--we will vlog it sometime soon. Kate is super double jointed. It's pretty funny. Not sure that's a talent but yeah.

Where do you write most of your music? Does it just come to you or do you have to work on it? What normally triggers you to write a song (like an emotion, a thought, a memory, a person, etc.)? What was the last thing you bought & from where? -Jaclyn

Since we are hardly ever in one place for long, we write anywhere and everywhere. Yes, we have to work on it! Songwriting can be MISERABLY DIFFICULT at times. Sometimes you have to write a large amount of crap to get one good song. One pretty successful songwriter once gave us this advice, "Don't be afraid to suck."  Songs come in all different ways..sometimes they come out in 5 seconds, other times you write something and have to come back to it months (even years) later. Normally when one of us goes through something that will stir up emotions/feelings, that's what inspires us to write. It's sad that hard times can produce lots of songs. Ha! I guess that's one of the plagues of being an artist. The last thing Kate bought was movie theater tickets & popcorn. Went and saw  "It's Complicated." And yes, it's complicated. The last thing Jill bought was groceries at Kroger...boring!

More later! Thanks for the questions...and if you have any more...remember tomorrow's the last day to get them in!

Go drink some coffee, tea, hot chocolate or whatever will keep you warm. It's cold out there people :)



Oh how days they get away...

Today was one of those days that went so quickly, I can barely remember it. Isn't time weird? Some days can feel like they'll never end and some you wish would last forever.Here is one of my favorite lyrics from our amazing friend and writer, Reva Williams. "Some days don’t go down easy...They stick in the throat...It's not ok that we settle and we seize on...a few shallow breaths before we choke...There’s got to be better..." Anyway, Iove that line. Talk to you tomorrow. -j (&k)

Ladies and Gentlemen....

So we are REALLY excited because...we have some J&K shows coming up next month! YAY! We are really hoping some ALL of you guys can make it out :)  As of right now...we are starting with some hometown shows... OCTOBER 12th: BOSTON, MA

8:30PM (Opening for Gretel)


$5 dollars at the door


70 Union Square

Somerville, MA

(617) 623-9211


9:00PM (Opening for Beckon Q)

Underground Lounge

$6 dollars at the door


952 W. Newport

Chicago, IL


If seeing our pretty faces isn't enough to make you want to haul butt to see the shows...we are going to be selling one of a kind EP's of "Finding My Own Way"

That's right...we are only making a limited amount because they are literally all one of a kind and handmade by yours truly. And we'll be selling some pretty funky new t-shirts too.

Thanks again for all of the love and support!!

You guys are way cool.


Currently listening to...

On Jill's iPod: -Gretel (Their new's awesome!)

-Heart (Greatest hits)

-Ray LaMontagne (Gossip in the Grain...i love "A Falling Through")


On Kate's iPod:

-Adele (My fav song is "Best for Last")

-Trisha Yearwood (Heaven, Heartache and the Power of Love)

-The Weepies (Say I Am You)

Do NOT miss this...

First of all...thanks for all of your awesome comments about our new song on the 17th blog. We are having so much fun doing it. More importantly, we want to tell you about an AMAZING tour that you cannot afford to miss. Our incredibly talented friends are going to be going on tour starting...well, now...and if you live anywhere near where they are playing, PLEASE do yourself a favor and go check it out.

The tour is called "The Renegade Tour" and features our friend Will Gray ( who we have told you about before...and our friends in the band Gretel ( who are also ridiculously talented.

Here are the tour dates and a link to a press release that will tell you a little more about the tour. Support good music!


2/19/2009 - Bolivar, MO, Southwest Baptist University 2/20/2009 - Jackson, TN, Union University - Barefoots Joe 2/21/2009 - Knoxville, TN, Preservation Pub 2/22/2009 - Nashville, TN, The Rutledge 2/23/2009 - Nashville, TN, TBA 2/24/2009 - St. Louis, MO, Fubar 2/25/2009 - Dubuque, IA, Clarke College 2/26/2009 - Chicago, IL, Cubby Bear 2/27/2009 - Grand Rapids, MI, Calvin College 2/28/2009 - Columbus, OH, Rumba Cafe 3/1/2009 - Dayton, OH, TBA 3/2/2009 - Mt. Vernon, OH, TBA 3/3/2009 - Grantham, PA, Messiah College (lecture) 3/4/2009 - Grantham, PA, Messiah College 3/5/2009 - Arlington, VA, TBA 3/6/2009 - Fredericksburg, VA, TBA 3/7/2009 - Fredericksburg, VA, TBA *all dates subject to change.