red sox

Tim Pickering, this one's for you.

This blog goes out to the one and only Timothy Ned Pickering...Jill's stellar brother. He is bright and shiny and a J&K lover for sure. He is a great Quordy player (the game on the iPhone) even though Jill still beats him every time, he has surpassed Kate by 20 games...kudos, Tim, kudos.

Okay, enough about Tim. On another note, the pic below is of Miranda Lambert playing through her new CD "Revolution" at the Ryman a while back. Her CD is amazing. Go download it or gift it to's well worth the listen. Seeing her live is awesome too.

Preparing for the last show of the KC US tour this evening in New Orleans. Such a fun time. We are lucky girls. Nashville tomorrow. Woo!


Pics from BOSTON!


Well, last Friday we got to spend a glorious 15 hours in Boston.  It was great, great, great!! We got to see our good friend Meghan, Jill got to see her family & we got to go to a RED SOX game!!!! We had a are some pics from the fun game :)

green thing

In the flesh.


Kate's mouth would not shut. Haha. She was yelling for everyone to stand up for the group pic...

but then you couldn't see Jill and her fam down there.

jill meg field

Jill and Meghan watching the action!


Jason doing his thing.


Justin & Chris.


Jason listening to the "magic sangria" had LOTS to say.

Jill's thoughts for the day.

Good friends are the best. One of our best friends, Meghan, who we went to college with, is here visiting us for the weekend. We always have a blast...and she's a bigger Red Sox fan than anyone i know (except my brother) so we will have fun watching the games this weekend. (Won last night! woohoo!) I recently got into the show Army Wives and i love it. 

I just read somewhere that we will spend 43 billion dollars on our pets this year. Well, i don't have a pet, so by "we" i mean everyone who does. Really? That's a little ridiculous to me, but who am i to judge? 

Hair ties don't last very long. I go through them way too quickly. I guess there are probably bigger problems than that though. haha. 

Being selfless is hard. Being selfish is easy. I'm trying harder to do the hard thing. It's hard. But it's good.

Funfetti cookies are the best. You buy the Funfetti cake box and the Funfetti frosting. The cookie recipe is on the side of the box. They are dangerously good. 

I wish i had "Rockband." It looks so fun and i've never played. I have Guitar Hero, but i'm itching to try playing the drums. I'll let you in on a little information. I secretly dream of being a drummer. 

Enjoy the weekend. I plan on it.