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4 Words That Changed My Life - Day 14 #31DaysOfBlogging

I want to tell you about 4 words that changed my life.

They are not magical words, and you don’t need to jump on one foot and spin around while saying them. LOL. But, I do think the words have some sort of magic sprinkled within them.

Here’s the thing about these words. When I started saying them, they were not true.

They held no meaning. It almost felt like I was lying because I wanted them to be true. I actually desperately wanted them to be true, but when I first started saying them, they were not.

Flash forward about 19 months and I can say that they are ABSOLUTELY true and they’ve literally changed my life.

So you’re probably asking, “WHAT ARE THE WORDS, KATE??”

Have you seen people on Instagram put the caption “I love my life.” I swear I kept seeing it everywhere and each time I saw it I would roll my eyes. See, I was in a season where I was low. It was a year after being fired and my life felt like it was legitimately falling apart before my very eyes. Security felt like a pipe dream. I felt like I was losing everything…even my own voice.

I questioned my talent to sing and my ability to write. Blogging scared me. See, I had written a blog that felt like it had blown up my whole life. So anytime I went to write, the traumatic experience was triggered.

So there I was, minding my own business, silently judging people who posted that they loved their life. And I felt this inner struggle. This pull. I wanted to love my life. I had in the past and I wanted it back. I talk to God all the time. God is my higher power and it’s sort of something I do: talk to God.

I was talking to God about how I wanted to love my life, but I had a laundry list of things He needed to change for me in order for me to say that I loved my life. So, there I was, telling God what was up, and I felt like I heard God say (not out loud, but just in my spirit)…I felt like He was saying: “I want you to start saying that you love your life. Right now. Before anything changes.”

And I was like….whuuuuuuuut? Ummm no. It’s not true. I don’t love my life. Have you not heard my laundry list of requests? The things I need you to change? Once those things are in order….THEN, I can say I love my life. So, get to it God. Thanks yo.

And again, I felt it so strongly in my spirit. “I need you to start saying that you love your life…now….I need you to say it like you believe it. Like it’s true.“

I thought it was sort of ridiculous, but I decided to listen. The next morning, laying in my bed — before I checked my phone or did anything else — I looked at my ceiling fan spinning and said out loud:

“I LOVE MY LIFE. Thanks, God, for another day.”

You guys. These 4 words changed my life:


I don’t even know how to explain it or quantify it for you…but things started to shift. Things I had wanted to see happen, suddenly started happening. Areas in my life that I felt were deserts all of sudden felt like there was water flowing.

I challenge you today, if you are needing a change…a boost, start your day by saying these four words: I LOVE MY LIFE. Say it in the face of what seems like untruth. Say it over and over again.

I still, to this day, say those words out loud at the beginning of each day. I am going to tell you more about the details of what transpired in a couple weeks…stay tuned to the blog…but I want you to know that sometimes you have to start speaking things out. Declare them. Use your words to shape your life. To transform your life.

Even if it’s not true right now, I get it. It wasn’t true for me either. But, I believe words have power and they can change things. Give it a try. You might just be surprised.
To hear more about this idea of these four words on our podcast, listen to this episode: Can 4 Words Change Your Life?

YOU can change your life. Start with your words.



Legit Note To Self

I (Kate) have been trying something new these past few weeks. Trying to take action over my own life. One thing I noticed that I've been doing is when I wake up--first thing--before I’m even really awake--I pick up my phone and check email, check texts, and check all of the social medias.

It’s funny, this NEVER puts me in a good mood. I don't like that I do it. It starts me out on the comparison/failure route before I'm even fully awake (I wrote about this earlier) and it's information overload. Getting business emails (good or bad) should be read only after coffee, preferably when you are ready and in a productive mindset...not when you are cycling out of the last stages of REM.

This needed to change. So, because I am a visual person and learn more from action than thought, I had to make it a very practical, tangible change. Before I went to sleep, I wrote a note to myself and I put it over my phone. Ha! So funny, right? At first I thought I would just write: DON’T TOUCH THIS. WAKE UP FIRST. STAY AWAY. But then I thought about making it more intentional. So I wrote myself a note of intention, declaration and affirmation for the day ahead. It’s been awesome.

I wake up. Come to full-ish consciousness. Then grab my note to myself and I read it OUT LOUD like a lunatic. Haha. I kid you not. And you guys...it’s been awesome.

I read this book recently called “Switch On Your Brain” and the author says you wake up with 300 new brain cells each morning (or something like that) and that you decide what to do with them. I’m like….why would I want to program them to make me feel less-than on social media or like I"m already behind at the start of my day?

So, you should try it. Before you go to sleep, write yourself a note. Tell yourself what a great day you are going to have. Mind over matter. Put it on your phone if that's the first thing you look at when you wake up.

If you need pointers, I Pinterest-searched “positive affirmations” and got loads of great ideas. I include some Bible verses in mine--do that if that’s your thing...if not, don’t :) Are you trying to be more patient? Tell yourself how well you are doing at being patient. Are you trying to be less hard on yourself? Write kind words to yourself that you need to hear!

Here’s a pic of my note one morning this week:

It’s legit note-to-self time, y’all.

Let us know how your note-to-self changes your day. Much love.