Ode to Popcorn

I love food. I especially love popcorn. I like making it myself on the stovetop...just a little oil, white popcorn and salt. I grew up never watching a movie without popcorn...like never...so it's in my blood. I heart popcorn and popcorn hearts me. I was at Costco the other day and they had a sample of this fabulous treat....Angie's Kettle Corn. I generally only like kettle corn second best to regular popcorn...but this stuff is the best popcorn I've EVER HAD OUT OF A BAG. It's SO good. SO GOOD. Bonus: because it's from Costco the bag is ridiculously huge....as all things are from Costco...hooray.

Anddddddd it only has 4 ingredients.

Anddddddd I just went to their website and read their story. So cool.

It's so good I'm blogging about it on a Saturday night. Haha. I'm so cool. Watch out night clubs and cool hang out spots of America...if you start serving this popcorn I might show up. photo 2

photo 3

Kate + this popcorn = Happiness.

Oh wow. Now I'm doing equations. The cool just can't help but leak outta me.

photo 1

Goodnight world.