ping pong

A Very Ping Pong Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! We hope today was a wonderful day for each of you and that all of you felt loved! Here is a little story from Kate's Christmas day:

So recently my dad has gotten really into playing ping pong aka table tennis. He is actually really good but I continually am poking fun at his intensity regarding his love for this game. So, as a fun little Christmas gift I got my dad this mini ping pong set. You are supposed to set it up on a table...looks something like this:

He thought it was hysterical! But one of the pieces was missing for the net so we couldn't set it up...FAIL. But that didn't stop dad being the handy man he is found some wood and set it up across the table...creating a faux net if you will. So we played mini-ghetto-table tennis...and it was SO MUCH FUN. We laughed and laughed...the paddles we tiny and hard to control but it was good times for sure. Here are some pics...

My dad and the mini-ping-pong-paddle.

This is where I was talking to the ball asking it very nicely not to go off the table when I hit it :) And you have a nice view of the ghetto "net."

Now you get it...tiny table, tiny paddles = me doubled over in laughter :)

I highly recommend this gift....super great memories were made.

Merry Christmas.