Baking After 10pm.

So, I decided that I should do something domestic this evening. I decided to bake something. Probably because I had just worked out I felt I needed to eat something bad for me because I deserved it, you know, because I had just worked out. Following? Good. So, I had two somewhat brownish bananas and thought...hmmm...chocolate chip banana bread...that's what I'll make. It's quasi healthy, and it's a favorite that my mom and sister always make. So I started...iPod was blasting "Frou Frou" and la dee da, I was making banana bread.  Well I had an injury making this lovely banana bread..but it's not your typical injury. I know you're probably thinking...she burned her finger in the oven somehow, she got her face stuck in the blender trying to snitch that lonesome chocolate chip that hadn't made it into the bowl...but no.  This is not your typical injury folks...

This harmless looking bottle is what caused the injury:

I was trying to put away the can after lightly spraying my pan and the cute little, red top would not go I leaned in with my ENTIRE body weight and the chubby part of my right pinky got sucked in right as it clicked...yes that's pinky was now apart of the Pam can.  I did not appreciate this and could not get the top off using my left hand...and it was not fun.  At all.  I finally just ripped my hand out and it left a nice little blister on my finger.  I mean, I appreciate the amazing things that Pam does for me...always lightly greasing the edges of my pan, providing a layer of protection so my yummy food doesn't get left behind...but careful people...make sure your fingers do not get caught :)

So here is a picture of my looks small but hurt like...well, like a....let's just say it hurt a lot.

So that's chocolate chip banana bread is baking.  If any of you feel like baking what I baked here is the recipe.  It's still in the oven so I cannot say how it turned out...but it smells really, really good.



PS.  My mom's name is Pam so that's funny.  Haha.