It's November?

How on earth is it November already? It seriously boggles my mind. I guess time does go on when you're out on the road but I swear…I just left and it was June. I looked at a message the other day and it said "Nov 02, 2014" and I was beyond baffled at how I must have missed this message last November because, hello, it's JUNE. So, yeah. We've been on the road pretty much non-stop since the end of May. Quick re-cap from the end of May until now:

Nashville>South Africa>Zimbabwe>South Africa>United Kingdom>Nashville>Los Angeles>Nashville>All Of America>Canada>America again>Bahamas>Nashville>America>Nashville>Bahamas>Nashville.

Hahaha. When I reference "America" that was when we were on tour with Trace Adkins. We went everywhere. As far West as Oregon and as far East as the Cape in Boston….oh and everywhere in between.

Needless to say. We are tired and worn out…but thankful. What an incredible year this has been. Yes, you may be thinking wait…this is too soon for an end of the year wrap up blog. You might be right. But we are home now and done with the crazy schedules and I am SO HAPPY ABOUT IT. I love being on the road but I love being home too.

When I'm home I get to do things like: (in no particular order)

-Try that weird recipe on Pinterest that I always see & post but never do. Enter breakfast egg cups. Not sure why I obsessed over making them but I have and this morning I finally made them. Hallelujah.

-Leave my lip balm in my nightstand next to my bed therefore I know where it is at all times. Moisturizing my lips is routine before getting shut eye…cause no one wants to go to bed with sandpaper lips. No more digging through my purse or around a hotel room to see where it's landed.

-See my friends. I love sporadic meet-ups, lunches, outings, etc. It is such a perk when I am home to be able to get a text that says:

Friend: "Lunch plans? Want to do {insert said lunch spot…most likely Mexican}.

Me: Heck yes. I have no plans. See you there in 15 minutes.

Cause see when you are out on the road you don't get texts like that. You get pictures from your friends of them all hanging out which makes you happy that they are together and sad cause you are missing out. Therefore, when I'm home I see my friends as much as possible.

-Read in my favorite chair. 

-Make coffee every morning. There is no better feeling than waking up and making coffee just the way you like it. I have no kids and I hear that may replace the "there is no better feeling…" but lets face it. I am childless, so suck it.

-Watch Grey's Anatomy at 11am. Since we are crazy busy for periods of time I find no reason not to totally veg out when I'm home. Like, binge watch TV Or wake up and read for hours.

So, there you go. That's what I/we are up to right now. Now I know what you are thinking, chello…Kate…you told us there was new music coming? How about you get off Pinterest and tell us when we can hear it??? 

I can't tell you because I don't know. But, I do know this. We are going to need your help to release said new music. So, be looking for a campaign to help bring new music to your ears in the nearish future. We can't do it without you. Also, we are going to be utilizing our mailing list more than we have in the past…so make sure you are signed up if you want to be in the know. You know?

Clearly the coffee has gone to my head as I'm babbling right now.

I'll attach a pic of those Pinterest egg muffin things just so you know I was in fact…telling the truth.

Later lovers.


The before.



The after.

IMG_3543{true confession: they were just okay. i mean they looked cute and tasted pretty good but bacon is only good to me if it's crispy. and it was majorly lacking crispiness. soft bacon might as well not exist. so i did what any sane crispy-bacon-loving person would do…fried those suckers up!


it made it better but not sure i would make them again. it's something i imagine busting out for my mother-in-law…if i had one of those. she would be so impressed at my bacon-egg-cup-creations.}