So, you’ve written down your goals. You’re not comparing, not competing and you’re taking baby steps. NICE WORK SO FAR.

Today we want to tell you about: ACTION items!!!

We heard recently that you need to look at your calendar and see if your calendar is reflecting the goals that you’re setting...because if your calendar is not reflecting it, that probably means that it’s not going to happen.

So, remember baby steps from yesterday? We meet again. Write down 2 (baby step) things that you can do this week to work towards that goal. You don’t have to schedule your whole month. Just look at this next week and add some actionable items that will help you meet your goals or whatever you wrote down.

See, it’s easy to be all talk and dreams and ideas and color-coordinated lists, but when it actually comes to doing it -- actually taking action -- that’s where we can get tripped up.

If your goal is to work out twice a week -- schedule it now. Find the time now. Schedule it. Say what you’re going to do. Example: I am going to walk on Thursday morning before work for 30 minutes, and on Saturday morning I’m taking the spin class at 10am. DONE.

If your goal is to write more, schedule it. Block out the time. If you don’t, you won’t. Because wishing and hoping that you will accomplish something is VERY different than actually DOING it.

So, today…write down those action items. It’s Thursday, so, look at next week. Just do 2 little things. You will be SO PROUD when you’ve accomplished them, and you will be two steps closer to achieving what you wrote down!

If you feel like sharing, tell us in the comments below what you’re tackling!

Much love and ALWAYS cheering you on…



Weekend Vibes


Weekend motivation:

  • Do what you love.
  • Follow your crazy dreams.
  • Do what makes your heart beat faster.
  • Say yes.
  • Say no.
  • Stay hopeful.
  • Stay grateful.
  • Make waves.
  • Go against the grain.
  • Try again.
  • Follow your heart.
  • Say no to regret.

You might be thinking...all of that sounds like gravy but how do I ACTUALLY do all of that.

We'll tell you:

  1.  Do the next best thing. That means, take whatever step you can. Take the next, best, logical (or illogical) step that you can take.  But the key here is ACTION. Movement. Write that email. Make the phone call. Go for the jog. Lace up your shoes. Clear you calendar. Ask the guy out on the date. Take action. Action creates other action. 

That's a way to start. Now you're on your way. And that's all you have to do. Start. Now's the time cause none of us are promised tomorrow. Go and do. We desperately need your idea. Your passion. Your heart. Don't believe the lie that someone else is already doing it or going to do it...we need YOU

Now go kick some ass. We're cheering you on.



70 Days! 70 Days!

Hi friends,

Who can believe it’s already October? We cannot. Pumpkin spice this and candy-corn that, oy vey! We don’t know if you’re like us, but sometimes when we hit this part of the year we think, “Well, the year's over. It’s going to be Christmas, like, tomorrow and’s too late to reach any of my goals or do anything major. No more time. Year over. On to the next. Womp womp.” HA! Isn’t it funny what we tell ourselves sometimes? It got us any of that really true? No. Is there still time to get A LOT of stuff done before Christmas? YES. How many weeks until Christmas day? Over 10 weeks. That’s over 70 days people...and we’ve got good news! 

There is still time to crush your goals before Christmas!  

We feel like the lies in our inner-voices try to tell us that we’re too late. Or we’ve missed out. Or it will happen for everyone else but not for me. PSSSH. We don’t have time for lies, friends... 

As we were thinking about this idea, we thought maybe some of you want to crush some goals too? Lord knows we need a posse to keep us motivated and we thought maybe you do too? Wouldn’t it be fun if we all did this together and had a gang of like-minded people reaching for their goals together? 

Now, hold up. Some of you may have already stopped reading because you think this is a fitness thing. IT IS NOT. I repeat, IT IS NOT A FITNESS challenge. You can set a goal in any area of life. It could be a personal goal, or a business goal, family goal, or a health one. If they are fitness or health related, that’s awesome too but this is not a “fitness only challenge!” Make it realistic and make it something that YOU want to get accomplished for yourself. Picture yourself waking up Christmas morning...what would make you super pumped to know that you’d accomplished? Start there. If you need some examples... 

-write a real-snail-mail-letter to a friend who lives far from you once a week

-cook dinner every Sunday night and invite a different friend to join you

-walk outside twice a week

-grow your email list by 100 people

-read 3 books

-train for a 5k

-volunteer at a homeless shelter


We think one of the greatest gifts we could give ourselves on Christmas morning would be accomplishment. Are we right? Yes! We hope you’re getting a twinge of excitement because we definitely are…knowing that by the 25th of December you will be able to look back and say, “YES! I set a goal (s) and I made it!”

We’re going to use this hashtag on Instagram ----> #jk70challenge if you want to follow along. Maybe we could all share goals (if we wanted to) and then encourage people along the way? Maybe you want to grab a friend and do it together? All we know is this:

  1. If other people are doing it with us, we will feel more motivated not to quit. (Can we get an amen?)
  2. We know when we wake up December 25th we will have given ourselves a SUPER AWESOME gift = accomplishment.

So, in full disclosure, here are two of each of our goals we're gonna set for the next 70 days:


  1. Write a nice hand-written letter to a friend/family member once a week. 10 letters total.
  2. Finish my 10k training app!


  1. Finish two books I'm reading.
  2. Run 70 miles in 70 days.

Alright! We hope this gives you HOPE and a little push to propel yourself to the most awesome person we know you already are!

Much love,


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