monica potter

Strangers We Love

To us, one of the greatest things about social media is the way you can get to know total strangers you would otherwise have zero interaction with. You might have never crossed paths with this person otherwise but because of social media platforms you can literally follow someone's journey through life...sometimes quite intimately. Weird concept right?

Well, we kind of love it. Here are a few people we are thankful we've gotten to know via social media because we've never met any of them IRL (in real life):

Monica Potter.

This woman is pretty stellar...and not just because she's on one of our favorite TV shows Parenthood. We've known her for her acting work throughout the years (who didn't love her in Head Over Heels w/ Freddie Prinz?? WE DID!) but because of social media we've seen a whole new side. She is a mother. A gardening buff. A cook. A hostess. Her social media presence is so full of joy and's a serious bright spot in the twitter feed y'all. She does these #tuesdaytips full of helpful ideas that fans submit. She also just recently launched this A-DOR-ABLE website called and it's full of crafting ideas, recipes, gardening tricks...she just seems like she is being herself. Another win for us...she posts pictures of herself without gobs of makeup on...which we value because it helps us remember that we are all normal. Sometimes social media can trick us into thinking that everyday life looks like a photoshoot 24/7...full hair and makeup and well, that's not reality. So, thanks Monica for keeping it real. Keep doing your thing.

Team Kicker

This person is relatively new to us...and it's definitely been awesome getting to know this little dude. His name is Caleb aka "Kicker", he is 3 years old and he is fighting leukemia. We've never met him but found out about his story through a mutual friend. Now, we are invested in Kicker's story. We follow along with his parents and older sister as they navigate these tough days. We pray for them. We get excited when he's having a good day or test results come back positively. Which is so interesting to us to be able to somewhat share this intense journey with people we've never met. Again, the wonders of social media. Because of Team Kicker we also learned about the coolest organization called Gamerosity. They crowd-fund for kids fighting cancer to buy them iPads to play with during chemo treatments. Watch their video on their website & try not to cry. Kicker got a hero package recently and his mom said it has been SUCH a HUGE help. Technology for the win.

Riawna Capri

We aren't even sure how we found this gal. Does that ever happen to you? You somehow start following someone cause you got lost on a long rabbit trial on the inter-webs or Instagram but we're glad we did :) She is a celebrity hair-stylist by trade but she is a full-throttle boost of positivity & kindness in our world. What we love about her is that she encourages other people. We saw her recently teaching a group of fellow stylists about a successful haircut she'd gotten lots of press about. She didn't keep her successful hair-cutting-secrets to herself...she shared it with others. How cool is that? Super cool. Plus, she posts other positive messages and encourages people to live life to the fullest. We know nothing about hair but always look forward to seeing what adventures she gets up to. Plus, she looks like she's having A LOT of fun with her friends...and that's always a nice reminder :) Go adventuring with your friends. Laugh a lot. Thanks for reminding us of that Riawna...even though we aren't sure how to say your name outloud :)

That's just a few peeps that we are happy to follow along and support what they are doing.

Who are people you've never met but are happy you follow?