Earlier in the week we got out of Nashville for a few days and escaped to mostly sunny Hilton Head Island in South Carolina. It was a perfect little 2 and a half day escape from the cold that has plagued Nashville otherwise known as winter. And okay hasn't been that bad here but a chance to see the sunshine & the beach were gladly welcomed :)

We took off on Sunday morning...daylight savings morning...ahhh hem...who books a 7:45am flight on daylight savings morning? We do apparently and let me tell you...we were zombies on the plane. Not even ashamed to say that we were both asleep before taking off and there might have been drooling.

Anyhow...we landed & decided to spend the day in Savannah, GA (the airport is Savannah/Hilton Head) cause neither of us had ever's so cute & quaint. All of the squares with their beautiful gardens and historical land marks...oh and the park & bench where Forrest Gump sat...that was pretty cool.

Upon arriving at the beach we went for runs on the beach (week 7 of #C25K for the #j&k5k...wooop woop!) & found the most perfect WHOLE sand dollar! We were so committed to the run that we almost didn't stop to photograph it but we just HAD to.

Did some shopping and meandering around the island & stumbled upon this gem in a back alley further explanation necessary.

Our last night in SC we stumbled upon the greatest little Mexican restaurant...and it was in a strip mall next to a grocery store....but don't let that fool was AMAZING! The front of the menu boasted that this was the "Home of Jimmy's World Famous Margarita's"....that sounded like a challenge...but what do you know...THEY WERE THE BEST. And Jimmy made them for us. He's the handsome fella behind the bar. The food was so fresh and full of flavor. If you find yourself near must go.

Lastly we stumbled upon this cupcake shop called Sweet Carolina Cupcakes....holy moly...Hilton Head has some amazing food going on. Yum yum yum. These cupcakes were the bomb. (note that we don't have an actual picture of our cupcakes because...well....we devoured them in about 2.2 seconds...not even enough time to photograph the lovely red velvet and cookies & cream delights.) that was our lovely min-vacay. Bring on the spring & summer. So many exciting things in the works. The trip left us with one question when we returned home: we wonder if Jimmy would ever think about opening an Amigos chain in Nashville? Hahahaaaa.

Okay--off to rehearse for tomorrow night's show at The Listening Room...Nashville folks: we hope to see you there!

Much love,