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Saying Peace Out To Worry with Lauren Graham - Day 29 #31DaysOfBlogging

One of the things we say a lot on our social media is “We’re all in this together.” We say it a lot because we genuinely mean it — we are all on this crazy journey of life together and anything we learn along the way that might be helpful to you, we want to share it. We love being inspired by people…especially people who are in the entertainment world. People who have no ego or air about them…and when we meet these people, we want to share them with you. You are our people. You are our tribe. You are our community.

So….earlier this year, we asked our friend Lauren Graham if she would be willing to share a conversation with us for our podcast community, and you guys: SHE SAID YES.

This podcast interview with Lauren was a dream come true interview for us, and also one of our most popular of the season. We talked about a lot of things, but one important topic we covered was self-esteem, which is why we named the episode something that Lauren said during the interview, “Why Can’t We All Just Enjoy Ourselves More.” AMEN, y’all, AMEN.

Another one of our favorite things about Lauren is that she has this outlook on life that is one we aspire to have. It is basically summed up in the title of her latest book, In Conclusion, Don’t Worry About It. See, there are these seasons in life that we all face...forks in the road we will all come to, where we really don’t know if there’s anything good up ahead, which way we should go, or what the future may hold.

In fact, these seasons, we have found, seem to appear far more often than we’d like them to. We can’t control them, we can’t wish them away, but we can do one thing: We can look at them positively, with hope, instead of fear or dread. We can DECIDE not to worry about what may or may not be around the next corner, and just take the next step that is in front of us.

We always leave our conversations with Lauren feeling a little more positive and hopeful, and a little more relaxed about whatever is up ahead of us. That is the kind of person we can all benefit from being around, #AMIRIGHT? We hope you feel this way too when you hear this episode…while either enjoying it again, or for the first time, if you haven’t heard it yet.

And remember, worrying about things doesn’t help, so you might as well quit it. (Here’s a song of ours to cheer you on in this whole venture.)

Tomorrow we have a SURPRISE for you….


Jill and Kate

Now What Does This Make Possible (#31DaysofBlogging)

This blog is a part of a series #31DaysofBlogging … we are going through the year (2015) chronologically.


We got the call that we were fired while we were in Los Angeles to play our own show.

There’s nothing quite like waking up in sunny LA after a stressful few weeks (Afghanistan, being called HUGE, etc.) to get FIRED in a 1 minute phone call. 

But if we’ve learned anything this year, it’s that life doesn’t always make sense….that ambivalence is present in almost every situation that you face and it is better to embrace it than to get freaked out by it.

So, we woke up in LA in our AirBnB in West Hollywood, got a phone call that we were fired, and then drove to Santa Monica to sit on the beach and drink Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf! Because when you have an Iced Vanilla Latte and a ridiculous view of the Pacific Ocean, life’s pretty darn good....fired or not fired!

We were there with our friend Chris (you remember Chris from earlier in this series) and we all decided to not let anything get us down. We were in LA, playing the Hotel Cafe the next night, hanging with friends, and we wanted to enjoy every minute.

Los Angeles has been such a significant city to us in our career. It’s where we got our first big job in the industry. It’s what inspired some of our most meaningful songs….(if you have no knowledge about this, check out our song, Burn It Down.)

It’s where we performed on shows like Dancing With The Stars, American Idol, The AMA Awards, Jimmy Kimmel, Jay Leno, Ellen….

This city is full of incredible memories for us. Some good, some bad. It’s where some of our best days and some of our worst days have happened. So it’s significant that all of this craziness that had happened in the past few weeks came to a head while we were in LA.

We were a bit thrown off by getting fired...confused, angry, scared, upset,...the emotions were running rampant. There is nothing quite like that feeling of having been treated unjustly. But again, we didn’t want getting fired to affect us negatively. We had songs to write, shows to play, things to do! We knew we had to stay level-headed for our show at The Hotel Cafe.

We LOVE playing this venue. We’ve played it twice now, but we’ve also seen some amazing shows there. (One of those shows was Patty Griffin who you may know is one of our favorite artists of all time. To play on the stage that we had seen her play on a few years ago is always surreal.)

Okay, let us have our geek out moment here for a minute…(remember, we’d had a rough day the day before, we had NO idea what our year would now look like, and we needed something good to happen.)

Then…...Lauren Graham and Mae Whitman came to our show at The Hotel Cafe!

Guys, PARENTHOOD. Gilmore Girls. The Duff. You get the idea.

Talk about 2 of the coolest people around? These two.

(Most-joy-to-ever-be-had in a selfie…ever. And yes, we are sweaty and gross but you guys, it was so hot in there and sweat + nerves will run their course…as displayed in our hair.) 

(Most-joy-to-ever-be-had in a selfie…ever. And yes, we are sweaty and gross but you guys, it was so hot in there and sweat + nerves will run their course…as displayed in our hair.) 

See, we had written a song earlier in the year called “Someday, Someday, Maybe” after reading Lauren’s book. (READ IT!) We were so inspired by the story that we wanted to write a song about it. So we sent it to her and she actually listened to it and liked it!

We got to play the song live at our show that night in LA with her in the audience and that was pretty cool/scary/awesome/*enter every other emotion here*.

We also got to talk to so many of you guys after the show which is one of our favorite parts about doing what we do. We love meeting you all and hearing your stories. This show was such a good distraction from all the other crap that was going on in our world at the time. Just know that your support in coming out to the show, bringing us gifts, telling us your stories...those are huge encouragements to us!

We stayed in LA for a few more days after the show and started to think about what the rest of the year might look like for us now. We had planned on being on tour with the other artist for the rest of the year and because of that not happening, we now had a huge blank calendar in front of us. We had no plan and no income. But at the same time, anything was possible! We had a wise friend/counselor (Al Andrews...LOVE you Al!) say to us: “Focus on asking yourself the question ‘Now...what does this make possible?’”

So that was the question we began asking ourselves as we started to think about where we were headed this year….

If you're stuck with an unforeseen road block or upsetting situation in your life that you weren't planning on…maybe now is a good time to ask yourself….

What does this make possible?

The journey continues tomorrow...tune in and follow along.



PS. Thanks for all the love and support over our blogs the past few days. We knew we needed to share our story and the fact that you all are sharing it, telling us your own stories and helping spread a positive voice about being brave is bringing us so much joy.

Tis the season indeed…


So this one time...

So this one time (it was a Wednesday) we ordered a copy of Lauren Graham's new book that came out & we tweeted about it. It's no secret that we adore Ms. Graham...if you haven't watched the entire series of Gilmore Girls at least twice we can't be friends. Just kidding. Well not really. It's a great show & that's when our fan-girling over Lauren Graham began. We saw her on Broadway in Guys & Dolls and even got to meet her after the show.  Thank the Lord above that this woman was just as kind, down to earth, and funny as you think she'd be. She was seriously the nicest ever. We pretty much had perma-grins on our faces for a week after. We are SO happy that she has returned to weekly she is the totally cool mom on NBC's hit show Parenthood. If you don't watch it, stop reading this blog and go watch it. You will laugh & cry and then get mad at how much the show makes you cry. It's fabulous.

And now Lauren has written a book...Someday, Someday, Maybe...and we are SO EXCITED to read it. We're sure it's going to be great!! What can't she do? Nothing. Nothing we tell you.

Oh yes, so remember how we said that we tweeted that we ordered her book...well...she responded to us...and with just one tweet she had both of us pretty much freaking out with excitement:

That's right. Day made. Fan-girling was off the charts. Still is.


3 Rules.

Today's blog is inspired by the movie "The Answer Man" starring one of our favorite actresses, Lauren Graham.

Lauren's character talks about the rules she lives by. Here they are:

1) Don't take advice from someone you wouldn't trade places with.

2) Try not to do something you can't take back.

3) Something is what it is and it's not something else.

Just some things to ponder. Talk to you tomorrow.