LAUGH! - Day 18 #31DaysOfBlogging

What’s better than wine, friends, and laughter? It’s like the trifecta of awesome. We got the chance to go to Napa in April with two of our closest friends, Whitney and Jess. We went to dream up some ideas….more on that soon.

(We are working on putting together a retreat for YOU to come to where we dream, laugh, drink wine, and get inspired. Can’t wait to share more of this with you. )

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Another thing we got to do while we were in Napa for this trip was to go see our favorite comedian, Kathleen Madigan. We’ve learned that laughter truly CHANGES things. There’s a reason why it is said that it’s the best medicine. We believe it. We take any chance we get to laugh. We were so stoked that Kathleen happened to have a show in Napa while we were there! Her show was amazing, as always, and if you ever get the chance to see her LIVE, go!

Life can get so serious. All of us humans are under a lot of pressure to perform, provide, do, do, do all the time. Sometimes you need to escape the pressure and just laugh. Life is funny, after all. It’s not all serious.

As you head home for the holidays, or to in-laws, or whatever you may be doing, make sure to add laughter to the mix. Play some funny games, drink some wine, and watch these Kathleen Madigan specials on Netflix. The whole fam will love them!

Bothering Jesus

Bothering Jesus

Madigan Again

Madigan Again

Tomorrow the blog is all about answering your burning questions about if we’ve been dating on the walkabout. Hint hint…we have! And we’ve got stories for you!

Much love,


A Simple Way To Cheer Yourself Up

Sometimes, we go to Pinterest and look through the humor section to make ourselves laugh. Laughter is a cure for so much. Honestly, look through these, laugh for about 10 minutes and watch how you noticbly have more energy and a lifted spirit. Laughter is everything.  


You're welcome. 

Love and laughs,


Last August

Yesterday we had a moment that literally brought us to tears laughing. We were talking about last year and it went something like this:

Kate: Jill, can you check to see how many days were in last August?

Jill: *Trying not to laugh...with a sheer look of panic on her face* Kate, August always has 31 days in it. It doesn't change year to year.


Oh my gosh. What I  (Kate) was trying to communicate by asking that was does August have 31 days or 30 days....because I can NEVER remember.

I know people have the cute little saying (something "...hath September...")  or they do something cute with counting on their knuckles to remember...but I CAN NEVER REMEMBER.

I just can't. So that's what I was asking...yet Jill thought that I was asking if some years have 31 days in August and some years only have 30 days in August and she about lost her mind laughing at me.

Good times.