laughing until you cry

A Simple Way To Cheer Yourself Up

Sometimes, we go to Pinterest and look through the humor section to make ourselves laugh. Laughter is a cure for so much. Honestly, look through these, laugh for about 10 minutes and watch how you noticbly have more energy and a lifted spirit. Laughter is everything.  


You're welcome. 

Love and laughs,


Laugh Cause It's Just Funny Sometimes

Last Monday, I sat in the car and laughed so hard that I full on cried. Well, I think the laughter was brought on by feeling somewhat defeated in certain areas of my life and you know when you have to laugh at the irony of it all...but that laughter somehow taps into the reservoir of hurt and suddenly you aren’t laughing are bawling your eyes out. But kind of giggling too. Ahhhh..we women are just a big ball of awesome emotion. And no, I wasn’t even going to start my period...I know that’d be the obvious cue, but alas, no such luck. Here is a photographic sequence of proof. (PS. Jill really is a bestie for life isn't she??? Taking pictures of me LOSING it. Haha...she wins.)

See, I’ve felt stuck lately. S-T-U-C-K. (See, I just spelled out stuck letter by letter..that’s how stuck I feel.)  In certain areas (or maybe all areas) of my life I’ve been feeling stuck, and gosh, I just haven’t got the foggiest idea what’s going to get me out of it.

I mean, I’m doing all the right things. I am. I promise. But sometimes I think God just wants us to wait...ugh, the “w” word. It closely resembles the “p” word. Patience. Let me be straight, I have a lot of natural strengths...none of them naturally lie in those two words. Being patient and waiting SUCK for me. Maybe they do for everyone, but I loathe it. Efficiency is the name of my game and neither the ‘W’ word or the ‘P’ word fit nicely into efficiency.

So, I’m here for you, fellow traveler. If you’re stuck or being told to wait, I’m sorry...but I bet it’s for both of our overall good. I’m going to tell you what I am telling myself. Literally. Here is a letter to myself:


Don’t give up. Keep going. Your breakthrough is right around the corner. Smile. Find something to be thankful for. Think about if you were going to be diagnosed with cancer tomorrow, what would you be disappointed that you didn’t do TODAY? Don’t grumble or complain. Have that glass of wine at 4 pm (ehh hem 3:30pm) if you want to. You got this. The waiting is good for you. God has got you. Chill. He withholds no good thing. Be thankful for today and what you’ve got. Seasons do not last forever. Just look outside. Love, You.

So, there ya go. I wish I had a magic pill to hand out if you’re feeling overwhelmed in the waiting. Just know you’re not alone. You’re never alone. Okay, it’s know what time it is. Wink wink.

Much love...and happy National Margarita Day. (I’ll be enjoying one after my 3:30 glass of wine)