jason westlake

Crazy is as crazy does.

I've (kate) been feeling a little crazy the last couple days. Not crazy bad...not crazy good. Just crazy. So I...found a poem on the internets about craziness...

Aptly called...


Uncertainty lies on the path ahead Many events I don’t want to deal with Are sure to question my fearless resolve My heart I know will be wrenched many times

I may lose my faith and lose my way Submitting myself to certain torture Mountains loom ominously in my way With signs of “death to those who enter”

I gasp for breath just thinking about it Sweat beads down my face as I look on How drunk was I to choose such a path? What madness possessed me to go this way?

Why am I not relaxing on the couch Sitting safe and sound in my ignorance? I sure feel like claiming insanity From purposely subjecting myself to this

But my reason, my ‘why,’ yanks me off the ground It drags me by the arm and throws me out the door Purpose makes me feel crazy at times But it keeps me going when I don’t want to

–Jason Westlake