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Someone To Look To - Day 27 #31DaysOfBlogging

Life can be so intimidating and scary. It can be confusing to know which way to go. When you are chasing a dream, it’s helpful to have someone to look to, someone who has been there before you, walked the road you’re wanting to walk. You need a mentor, an example, a champion.

We have been lucky enough to find a few of these people along the way, but today we want to tell you about one that has had a huge influence on our lives and career.

We first met Jann Arden via Twitter after we covered one of her songs on our blog...way back in like 2010. (You can watch it here, and please disregard Jill’s very DARK hair stage. She learned through that experience that blonde was her true north.)

Jann reached out to us and asked if we wanted to meet up for coffee when she was in Nashville. UH, YEAH. We have been fans of Jann since the mid-90s when we were 14 and her song Insensitive rocked our worlds. We couldn’t believe we were going to actually meet her!

We got together, chatted for hours about music, life, career, and more...plus laughed our heads off because she is absolutely one of the funniest people we have ever met. We all stayed in touch, getting together every time we were in the same town, and then Jann asked us to come open her tour in Canada in 2014. Over and over again, Jann encouraged us in our music career. Whether it was shooting us a text or email, listening to our new music, or telling her fans and followers about us, she was always showing support.

As artists, dreamers, and humans, we could not ask for a better example in our lives than Jann…

...and because she is just the best, we were really hoping to have her on our podcast so you guys could hear more from her too. Well, SHE AGREED! We went to Canada in October and interviewed her for Girls Just Pod To Have Fun before her show in Hamilton. She brought inspiration, wisdom, and of course laughter. If you missed this episode, please go listen!


Not only that, but after our interview, she asked us to sing our song Nashville for her audience during her show that night! You can watch that here. Here are some pictures of us getting ready and sound-checking for the show…


So today we just wanted to say thanks to Jann for believing in us, supporting us, and being someone we can look to as we navigate this crazy life. May we all have people like Jann around us, who make us better and bring so much good into our lives….and may we all learn to be those people for others around us too. Love you Jann (and Midi!)


Tomorrow we’ll tell you about one of our very favorite shows we played this year, and another podcast guest that came from that experience!


Behind The Scenes with Podcast Guests - Day 6 #31DaysOfBlogging

When we decided to start our podcast, we made a “dream list” of guests we would love to have on the show to interview. GUYS, almost all of them said YES! We only have a few left on our original list that we still would love to have on the show, but we realized we need to UPDATE THE LIST with some new dream guests!

Honestly though, each and every one of these guests were amazing to have on the show.  One thing we loved is that we did each and every interview IN REAL LIFE. That’s pretty rare for podcasts these days. That was part of the beauty of the ability to travel this year. We joined people in their living rooms, dressing rooms, basements, offices….and sometimes in whatever hotel or Airbnb we were staying in at the time.

We thought it would be fun to give you a little bit more of a behind the scenes peek into some of the interviews we were fortunate to have this season. Here’s a little tidbit we remember that we think you might enjoy.

Ben Higgins

The night before the interview, we went to Ben’s coffee company’s (Generous Coffee) launch party. We had SO MUCH fun at the event and may or may not have celebrated with a few margaritas that may or may not have ended at a karaoke bar singing karaoke with some new friends. This was good times, sunshine. Yet, we did not make it to bed until ummm after 3:00AM, and the margaritas, along with the altitude, along with very little sleep, made it a wee bit of a rough morning for the ‘ole J&K. We held it together and decided that the perfect thing to bring to a morning podcast interview were DONUTS! So, we took an Uber to a donut shop, then to Ben’s house, and he made us some of the best coffee (thank you Generous Coffee) ever. That totally cured us from our somewhat hungover state, and we had some good laughs about it on the episode, which you can hear here. (Also, shout out to Mr. Higgins for being our first ever podcast guest. He set the bar for sure.)

Ally Fallon

Something funny about Ally’s episode is that we were in Nashville at an apartment that we were subletting, and Ally and our other friend Betsy came over — we got talking and catching up so much that we almost missed our window of recording! Ally had SUCH WISDOM about life and comparison — it’s still something we think about frequently. She is just so great, and her new book is a MUST READ. You can hear her episode here.

Whitney English

We always have epic times with Whitney. She’s a friend of ours that adventures with us and we love that about her. She is always down to road trip, meet up at some conference or event, or just hang out wherever and talk about the deep things in life. After this episode, we had some amazing bacon at First Watch that had pepper and maple syrup, and for some reason, that bacon really sticks out when we think about this episode. HA! Whitney is wise, deep, and one of the most genuine people we know. Listen to her episode here.

Charles Esten

This episode was recorded at Chip’s house in his basement. We are such big fans of Chip’s whole family. When we recorded this episode, Chip’s mom was there visiting for his big Opry show that was the next day. We were so grateful he still took the time to chat with us even though he had so much going on. He’s just such a great human, you guys. Before the episode, we chatted in Chip’s kitchen with his wife Patty and his mom, and we talked a lot about the 4 Things Totes that we had with us, discussing how hard it is to choose 4 words to put on those bags! Listen to our episode with Chip here!

Miles Adcox

We headed out to Onsite in somewhat rural Tennessee to meet up with Miles to record this episode. We met him at his office and then drove over to a separate building adjacent to the Onsite property. Well, it’s only about a 2 minute drive, but there was a truck that had caught on fire right by the entrance to the property. It was scary to see! People were there, keeping it under control, but we took a long way around to go record the podcast, and on our way back, we passed the truck again and it was completely burned out. Luckily no one was hurt, but it was quite a sight. Not a great day for that truck driver. Miles shared his wisdom with us and you don’t want to miss this conversation.

Hunter Hayes

We arrived at Hunter’s house in Nashville with a huge greeting from his adorable dogs. Guys, they stole the show. They wanted to hang with us and be right in the mix. At one point, one was right up on the couch with us...we think she wanted to share about what she did when life didn’t go the way she planned! Hunter is one of the most down to earth genuine guys around, and his dogs are pretty darn cute too. Listen to his episode here.

Ginna Claire Mason and Mary Kate Morrissey

This was our first backstage interview of the season, and the ambiance was just so incredible. The girls had their dressing rooms so magically decorated and they were just THE best hosts. They had wine and popcorn for us all (coconut water for them) and we felt right at home. From the minute we walked in the stage door, these girls felt like old long lost friends. MK gave us a little stuffed avocado (yes, it sounds weird but true) that we have brought with us everywhere since. These girls are THE BEST. Listen here.

Jann Arden

Before we recorded with Jann, she asked us to come up and sing Nashville during her show that night. We went and soundchecked and then came back to her dressing room to record the episode. We laughed and laughed because the toilet kept running in the bathroom next door. Jann is just so funny and we were hoping we could keep it together. Her dog Midi joined us for the episode too. Our conversation with Jann was like many conversations we’ve had with her before, but we were lucky enough to record this one so we can have it forever. Love her so much. Listen to Jann’s episode here.

Oh (Sweet) Canada! #31DaysofBlogging

This blog is a part of a series #31DaysofBlogging … we are going through the year (2015) chronologically.

A few days after we got back from Ohio, we took off for a Canadian adventure. We flew to Vancouver and joined a bunch of brand new friends for a trip to Malibu, Canada. Our friend Bob (and his wife Maria) invited us up to their lodge which was OUT OF THIS WORLD. We had to take several buses and boats to get there and it was totally worth it! The few days we got to spend up there were focused solely on resting, reflecting, swimming, jumping off waterfalls, and meeting new AMAZING friends. It was such a necessary break for us.


There was no cell service and no internet service (like, when we say NO service, we mean NONE) which was incredible. It was a little unnerving at first. I can’t tell you how many times I reached for my phone to check it. Check what? I don’t know, just whatever it is that I check when I look at my phone. But, it didn’t work there. We really are addicted to our phones and to constant online communication. You never realize how dependent you are on it until it’s completely gone.

And then this amazing thing happens: You realize that you CAN actually LIVE without it!


We didn’t tweet and guess what? The world didn’t stop.
We didn’t post a picture to Instagram and guess what? We are still alive and well!
We didn’t text anyone and guess what? Nothing happened!

It sounds ridiculous, but seriously. When was the last time you didn’t look at your phone or a computer for 3 days? It’s crazy.

For me, (Jill) I realized that it gave me some time to see where I was with myself. All of the crap that had gone on during the past few months had affected me much more than I had even realized. I was drained, weary, and discouraged. Even though we knew that there was purpose in getting fired and feeling displaced, it didn’t mean that it was easy to go through.

The 3 days at Bob & Maria’s lodge in Canada gave me time to reconnect with myself. There was so much time to be silent, think, and process. One thing that I did while I was there was I got baptized. It’s a longer story than I’ll write on here, but I’ve never been baptized even though I’ve been a Christian most of my life. This was so cool for me. I was able to share in this with new friends that we made over this weekend who have become some of my closest friends even in such a short time. It was definitely the highlight of my trip. It was a time for me to rekindle my relationship with God, be more honest with myself, and have a fresh start.

I felt like this was a chance to start over. I left the lodge with such a new excitement and appreciation for life. The people who we spent time with there were SUCH GREAT PEOPLE. This trip was almost exactly halfway through the year and it was a visible SHIFT for us. A turning point. We met inspiring friends who are doing AMAZING things in this world like rescuing child soldiers, writing life-changing books, making inspiring music, running successful, meaningful companies, and so much more. 

As Bob often says, "God doesn't send us notes, he sends us people" and "love everybody, always." We couldn't agree more. We are big believers in the idea that relationships are the most important thing in life. When it comes to REALLY GOOD friends, our cups overflow like crazy and we couldn't be more grateful.

Speaking of really good friends, let’s talk about our friend Jann Arden. She’s Canadian (as most awesome people are) and we decided to go have a visit with her since we were already in that neck of the woods for our trip to the lodge.

So we finished up our time at the lodge and jumped on a flight from Vancouver to Calgary to spend a few days with Jann.

If you don’t know her, YOU SHOULD. Jann is a singer/songwriter/author/lover-of-people/lover-of-animals and SO much more. She is freaking hilarious and she’s one of the kindest, most humble, outrageously generous souls we know. We had the awesome opportunity last year to open her tour in Eastern Canada and it was to-date our favorite tour we have ever done. Jann has supported us in our music and in our lives like none other. It’s not often that artists are so incredibly supportive of other artists, but Jann is an incredible example of what it means to champion other artists.

On the #janntour last year…this was walking out to play our first ARENA. That's right, we were OFF THE WALL   excited.

On the #janntour last year…this was walking out to play our first ARENA. That's right, we were OFF THE WALL excited.

We had such a great time at Jann’s. She took us to some of her favorite places in town, we took walks down #JannsRoad (search that hashtag on Instagram...it’s beautiful!), went to Banff, and spent hours talking about life and music. She also let us preview her Christmas album (which is out now) and has become our most-played Christmas album this season!



Jann is such an encourager and a mentor to us. She has lived this crazy music-industry life and we have so much to learn from her. She is humble, strong, vulnerable, kind...and she doesn’t take herself too seriously. She is always down for a good laugh...and laugh, we did!

This trip was so life-giving for us. Like we said, it was a SHIFT in our year.

Remember, in life, there are seasons. So if you are in a really terrible time, it WILL get better. If you’ve been in a lull, a drought, a funk....the SHIFT is coming. Be ready for it. Be excited. Be hopeful. Surround yourself with people who believe in you and who help you to be your BEST self. 

Tomorrow the blogging continues.



You Really Never Know...

Sometimes you really just don't know what's around the corner for you. Recently for us, it was a pretty exciting offer... Trace Adkins asked us to sing with him on his summer tour (!!!).

We're pumped to be joining Trace & his band across the country and even a couple shows in Canada..which obviously makes us excited because in September we will be hitting the road with Jann Arden opening for her in Canada on her Everything Almost Tour. 

So...if you're coming to a Trace show this summer, look for our CD's at his merchandise table and make sure you tweet us if you're there...we'd love to come out & say hi :)

Oh and did we mention that we are working on recording new music? Well...and that we already have been recording new music? YAYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!! We cannnnnot wait for you to join us in making a new album. It's gonna be super fun.

Alright...it's 4th of July here in the USA! Independence Day! Celebrate safely and remember to thank our military members all year round.

Love y'all...


Such An Awesome Day!

You guys... What an awesome day today was. Definitely one for the books! We released our first single & video from our upcoming acoustic covers album! Because of your awesome support, we saw it climb the charts to #40...this is all because of YOU!



If some of you don't know the original by Jann Arden...stop what you are doing and go download it...right now...it's SO good. This song means so much to both of us. Long before we were friends or started working together it was a favorite--we think we were in about 8th grade when it was on repeat ALL THE TIME.

Our heads pretty much exploded when we got to meet Jann about a year ago because she is the most amazing, kind, funny, lovely soul you have ever encountered. She is such a talent. Such a generous heart. Such an encourager. So, this song took on a new level of awesome...because we already loved the song and now we loved Jann even more. We got to hear straight from Jann about the writer, Anne Loree, which was also amazing.

Anyway...we could go on and on about how excited we are about having this song be the first single from our Covers Album...but we need to mention that we could not have made this single come out today without the help of Ryan Camp (designed the cover, shot the video and just generally wrangles us crazy kids every single day), JD Tiner (engineered/mixed the song), Jason Halbert (mixed & mastered the song) and Todd Pinckney (took those nifty pics on the cover.)

Thank you for all the love and support today. We are exhausted from a big day...but going to sleep with über grateful hearts.

If you haven't seen the video watch it below:


Or download your very own copy HERE!

Thanks for being with us guys. We are truly all in this together.





The First Single...

Ahhhhhh....we are so so so excited that you can now download a copy of our first single from our Acoustic Covers record.


This song means SO MUCH to us and we will blog about that later today...cause we are dizzy with excitement that the song is out and available for download and we can't type anymore!!!!

Grab your copy HERE!



Love you all so much!!!