james taylor

Woo to the woop-woop.

Hello everybody! After some lovely time off we are back at it--kicking off the first show with Kelly and the gang tonight in New Zealand. Who's excited? We are!! We actually came over to the venue last night and saw James Taylor and Carole King--they were awesome! So fun to sit and watch such talented people play songs that you've heard since you were a kid.

Here's a little fact that you might not know...when you fly to New Zealand, you lose a day. We left on April 7, 2010 and arrived April 9, 2010. Where the heck did April 8th go? That's right--these two kids only get 364 days this year..I know, I know...we will get it back kind of when we fly back to the US...but it's more fun to think that we get shorted a day this year. Haha. Does this make us younger? Yes, definitely yes. Remind us of this fact when we are like 85.

So what other useless information could we tell you? Hmmm....well... nothing. Nada. We are gonna get back into the blog-o-sphere and try to blog and twitter more frequently. The internet is a little harder to come by overseas--unless you want to pay an arm and a leg for it...so just keep checking back, cause well, we really like all of our limbs :)

Keep on keeping on and on and on and on...