Someone To Look To - Day 27 #31DaysOfBlogging

Life can be so intimidating and scary. It can be confusing to know which way to go. When you are chasing a dream, it’s helpful to have someone to look to, someone who has been there before you, walked the road you’re wanting to walk. You need a mentor, an example, a champion.

We have been lucky enough to find a few of these people along the way, but today we want to tell you about one that has had a huge influence on our lives and career.

We first met Jann Arden via Twitter after we covered one of her songs on our blog...way back in like 2010. (You can watch it here, and please disregard Jill’s very DARK hair stage. She learned through that experience that blonde was her true north.)

Jann reached out to us and asked if we wanted to meet up for coffee when she was in Nashville. UH, YEAH. We have been fans of Jann since the mid-90s when we were 14 and her song Insensitive rocked our worlds. We couldn’t believe we were going to actually meet her!

We got together, chatted for hours about music, life, career, and laughed our heads off because she is absolutely one of the funniest people we have ever met. We all stayed in touch, getting together every time we were in the same town, and then Jann asked us to come open her tour in Canada in 2014. Over and over again, Jann encouraged us in our music career. Whether it was shooting us a text or email, listening to our new music, or telling her fans and followers about us, she was always showing support.

As artists, dreamers, and humans, we could not ask for a better example in our lives than Jann…

...and because she is just the best, we were really hoping to have her on our podcast so you guys could hear more from her too. Well, SHE AGREED! We went to Canada in October and interviewed her for Girls Just Pod To Have Fun before her show in Hamilton. She brought inspiration, wisdom, and of course laughter. If you missed this episode, please go listen!


Not only that, but after our interview, she asked us to sing our song Nashville for her audience during her show that night! You can watch that here. Here are some pictures of us getting ready and sound-checking for the show…


So today we just wanted to say thanks to Jann for believing in us, supporting us, and being someone we can look to as we navigate this crazy life. May we all have people like Jann around us, who make us better and bring so much good into our lives….and may we all learn to be those people for others around us too. Love you Jann (and Midi!)


Tomorrow we’ll tell you about one of our very favorite shows we played this year, and another podcast guest that came from that experience!


Such An Awesome Day!

You guys... What an awesome day today was. Definitely one for the books! We released our first single & video from our upcoming acoustic covers album! Because of your awesome support, we saw it climb the charts to #40...this is all because of YOU!



If some of you don't know the original by Jann Arden...stop what you are doing and go download it...right's SO good. This song means so much to both of us. Long before we were friends or started working together it was a favorite--we think we were in about 8th grade when it was on repeat ALL THE TIME.

Our heads pretty much exploded when we got to meet Jann about a year ago because she is the most amazing, kind, funny, lovely soul you have ever encountered. She is such a talent. Such a generous heart. Such an encourager. So, this song took on a new level of awesome...because we already loved the song and now we loved Jann even more. We got to hear straight from Jann about the writer, Anne Loree, which was also amazing.

Anyway...we could go on and on about how excited we are about having this song be the first single from our Covers Album...but we need to mention that we could not have made this single come out today without the help of Ryan Camp (designed the cover, shot the video and just generally wrangles us crazy kids every single day), JD Tiner (engineered/mixed the song), Jason Halbert (mixed & mastered the song) and Todd Pinckney (took those nifty pics on the cover.)

Thank you for all the love and support today. We are exhausted from a big day...but going to sleep with über grateful hearts.

If you haven't seen the video watch it below:

Or download your very own copy HERE!

Thanks for being with us guys. We are truly all in this together.





The First Single...

Ahhhhhh....we are so so so excited that you can now download a copy of our first single from our Acoustic Covers record.


This song means SO MUCH to us and we will blog about that later today...cause we are dizzy with excitement that the song is out and available for download and we can't type anymore!!!!

Grab your copy HERE!



Love you all so much!!!